Kavya tells Vanraj throughout the breakfast that she can talk to her boss Mr. Dholakia before the corporation merger as she too can signal the file and the new boss may no longer get the extra. Vanraj asks why she wants a hostage. Kavya says buy a new residence for them or even they need some cash to set up. Anu leaves residency for college. Rakhi warns her that Kinjal has endorsed Anu nowadays, though quickly she may be able to set her mind high that she might be able to hate Anu. Anu says that she is getting overthrown and is leaving Rakhi with Samar. Kavya argues with Vanraj that she did not believe that there could be a debate between them for cash, she is doing domestic shopping for him and wishes for his contribution. Vanraj says that he already has many duties; His parents’ health, children’s education and now Kinjal. Kavya says that Kinjal is quite wealthy.

Vanraj says that he cannot take dowry from Mrs Dave for the education of Kinjal. She argues that once following this, she has no problem, though she continues to have trouble even after it happens. He asks why she is now pulling Anu inside. She says that Anu is constantly in exchange for mother and father or children; He spends cash on them, though now he doesn’t spend a single penny on it. He says that he had already advised that he had duties and could not spend money on property. She asks if he wants to travel on 2 boats forever. He first asks her to divorce Anirudh after which he almost talks; Receives and says that he is going to wait in the car.

Summer kicks Anu out of Drops College. Anu reminds of the advance incident in which Moolik insults her and gets rid of the trainer’s process. Samar asks her to loosen up as she will be able to persuade him fundamentally without difficulty while she convinces Rakhi aunty. Anu announces something, she has to do it now. She enters college and normally moves closer to the seminal room, while she unwittingly begs to be elemental and apologize. The principal angrily looks at him. Domestically, Baa takes on Rakhi’s disappointed salad for Kinjal and tells Kinjal that now she has come to know why Rakhi speaks so bitterly, Kinjal should not consume such food and Rakesh Dwivedi’s Should come closer. Kinjal believed and left. Baba sprinkles salt on the salad and munching on it, hoping that Anu is not always disturbed in college. Back in college, Anu apologizes to Maulik and asks if it hurt. The principal states that Anu did this damage for the last time; She helped Anu give her the last moment because she wanted to connect herself to Anu; Even her husband insulted her, she had duties of the whole family, even she did not recognize English, he first became an instructor and developed slowly. She asks Anu if she qualifies 2 threats, so she agrees this time as she cannot deny Devika’s request; If Anu can give full time from 8 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday. All his duties except domestic.

Toshu gets romantic with Kinjal and says that the whole thing can be fixed quickly, Baa can be regular with him. Kinjal says that when Mummy could not refuse him because it has been 25 years, then how can she be. Toshu says that she is the mother’s daughter and is no longer a daughter-in-law. Kinjal says, while Baa did not leave her mother, she is nothing. Toshu gets more romantic and hugs her. Ba passes the aid of use and closes his eyes in shame. They strolled silently in shame. Ba feels that she too must rule Kinjal like she controls Anu.

The principal asks Anu if he can replace her, so he can pose a threat to someone else. Anu states that she does not have that, although she can investigate the person’s landscape as the human additionally walks out with the scenario; At that point it became his wish, though it is now needed; Desires may be incomplete, though no longer a duty; Her husband constantly insults her and thinks that she is fit to do nothing; She presents the GPS ‘example that continues on displaying the path with malfunction and says that she has the duties of her in-laws, her children, and her self-respect and that she can do no wrong with assistance. Using the mistake, she wishes for this process at any cost. After a while, Anu sadly walked out of college. Summer asks what happened. Anu says that it is no longer her fault not to provide some other threat, allowing us to search for the process elsewhere. The principal calls her and asks her to take the procedure and pass the household, offers her her ID card and says that she no longer has the facility to exit. Anu takes it emotionally. The Principal states that one receives the second threat with a warning, from the semester in the month following its date to become a member; He walks away, announcing the best. Anu dances with Anu excitedly.

Vanraj is bowed to watch as Dholakia sends a memo to Kavya and shouts at Kavya. Kavya asks how she identifies. He asks to study it. She bowls to study memos. Vanraj insisted on informing what he wrote. Kavya says that she will have to pay all the losses incurred to the corporation as she loses her process due to leaving the contract in another case for three months. Vanraj said that Dholakia does not appear to be in advance profit. Kavya asks him to loosen the dholakia as he has not yet banned it.