In today’s episode Anupama will show you that when I get confused, she is angry trying to bring him out of unconsciousness, then the poem says if Anupama has heard everything and she starts saying Haven’t heard anything and when she is saying all this Suman Raj says that Kavya you go away from here, I will manage my wife myself, then you see that Kavya runs away from there


In this way, you see that when the work is running, Anupama’s friend is coming to Anupama’s room and Kavya collides with them and then asks her salary that you are fine or why you are running like this So then she says that I am fine, you see, she runs away from work or again and starts going from Anupama’s friend to Anupama’s room. On the other side the housemates are saying why Anupama is not there yet. Well, when Rupma’s friend reaches Anupama’s room, she sees Anupama falling on the floor and she walks into his room and tells him what has happened and she starts waking him and she asks Balraj She asks what has happened to my friend, she faints

So on the other side, now we see that Kavya starts running away and gets home from the front and she starts going from the side and when I was running, if Kinjal’s mother goes ahead and Kavya strikes again and then Kinjal’s mother tells her that what has happened to you, Kavya is running as if you have been caught stealing, then you see that Kavya’s necklace has a rose on it and she removes it only then Feeling suspicious, someone runs away from work or from there to go home again.


When she comes out, she collides with Nandri from the front, then Nandni says why do you do such a thing that you don’t have to run away from stealing the eyes And we see what she says leave me. Let me go until Nandini leaves Kavya and there is another way Anupama’s style makes Babuji in a loud voice and Nandini starts wondering what happened inside and Nandini Everyone rushes in and reaches the room and says what has happened to Anupama.

Seeing the calculation, when all the people reach Anupama’s room and they get nervous seeing Anupama falling on the floor, then all the people start asking from there what has happened to it. Vanraj says that first you guys take me Help you see that after picking Anupama and putting her on the bed, she tries hard to win Anupama but Anupama is lying unconscious only when all the family are asking what has happened to Anupama. Babuji would have told him angrily that what has happened to Anupama is killing him only,


Anupama 23 October 2020 Written Updates

Who pretends that I was in the washroom and when Anupama came in this room I did not know there was lying unconscious there. Tried till then Anupama’s friend came here and she called you guys, this was the only time its faint and till now I have not done anything.


Israra sees that all the householders are very nervous, then Anupama’s nostalgia tells her kamwali that you take the children down, then asks Pakhi to go down as well and Anupama’s children are very nervous and she says that What has happened to Munna, she says with health, that it may be due to fatigue, only then does Mama understand that she works all day,

But she cannot, how can she be tired today? She comes and when the doctor checks Anupama, she says that her blood pressure has reduced very much and it is because of the show, only after she is done that she can know what has happened. It is said that I have injected them, due to which they will rest for some time which is also necessary for them and then the doctor leaves from there only then Anupama’s also says that everyone should go down today, I am with Anupama only then Summer says that I will not go, then she tells her mother that you go down, it is not good for Anupama to live here so now people see that all the people go down when When everyone goes down, Kinjal’s mother says that we too should leave carefully, then Kinjal says that I will not go anywhere, I will come after some time, then I say that I will send the car for you, only then Kinjal gardens.

I start feeding that Anupam aunt cannot do anything, I will get well soon, then her breath says that when I come to my senses, then it will be in our lives, on the other hand you see that Anupama’s friend is near Anupama. On this side, we see that Kavya would reach home and she would fight a lot and was thinking that what would happen if Anupama came to know and told everything to the family, she could not understand what to do and She is about to call Awaaz but thinking that she got angry with me again, neither do you see that Kavya is crying too much, on the other hand you see that Anupama’s salary when she has it too She is crying and what is right, why is she the same with you?


Only then you see that she starts going to the washroom, then there is a tad in her leg. When I pick her up, she is of stud kavya and she is shocked to see that I suspect that what I thought was probably what happened then Anupama slowly starts happening And why does she start speaking permission Saini tells her what has happened to you but she would not have fully sensed, so today’s episode ends here

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