Anupama 22 June 2021 Written Updates : Kavya says Geeta is her servant, so Baa shouldn’t trouble her. Baa overlooks her. Kavya inquires as to whether Vanraj came. Geeta says he came, however didn’t have her pre-arranged food. Anu says Vanraj doesn’t care for olive oil, so she should attempt desi ghee. Kavya hollers in the event that she asked her assessment. Baa says she ought to understand what her better half requirements. Kavya hollers it’s an issue of her better half’s wellbeing. Anu says Kavya’s better half is additionally Baa’s child. Kavya says she realizes that, yet what is he to Anu.

Anu says she isn’t keen on her and her significant other. Kavya hollers for what reason is she meddling then, at that point. Anu says she is keen on her kids, Baa, and Bapuji and Kavya realize she can’t endure their affront; Kavya can’t live like a companion, however, ought to figure out how to regard in any event. Kavya hollers she needn’t bother with her gyaan and cautions to quit serving food to V and draw her. Anu says how frequently she ought to illuminate her that she isn’t interested in her or her better half. Kavya hollers then she should quit looking at one other’s better half.

Anu says everybody dislikes Kavya. Baa insults Kavya. Kavya orders Geeta to set up the food she arranges as she is answerable for V’s wellness and can’t anticipate wellbeing anything from unsuitable individuals. Baa says she is idiotic not to comprehend that propensities change after some time and not quickly, a man gets bothered in the event that he doesn’t get the food he enjoys. Kavya hollers not to meddle among her and her significant other.

Bapuji says there will be a battle among Vanraj and Kavya in regards to Vanraj’s new position. Kavya hollers at Vanraj that he has gone frantic to accept ignorant Anu’s recommendation. Anu figures for what reason can’t Kavya comprehend that Vanraj needs work. Kavya orders Vanraj that he won’t do a modest work. Vanraj says he didn’t look for her assessment and will do what he feels right.