Anupama 22 February 2021 Written Update

Vanraj removes Kavya from house and inquires as to for what reason did she come here, she understands what will occur on the off chance that she comes here. Rakhi enters saying show will occur and says she came here to wish him for his birthday, yet something different is going on here; says they can continue, she will see them later, calling them samdhi and half samdhan, and strolls inside home where she welcomes everybody. Anu welcomes her Jai Sri Krishna. She wishes her husband’s, sorry youngsters’ dad’s cheerful birthday. Anu expresses gratitude toward her. Rakhi says until Anu is separated, she can call Vanraj as her significant other. Anu requests that she stop. Rakhi at that point wishes Baa and inquires as to for what reason is she gazing at her as she didn’t come there excluded. Baa says she welcomed her getting enthusiastic, yet failed to remember that nagin/snake can fail to remember gnawing however not spitting

toxin. Rakhi says she will simply watch the show, sorry festival; there is dramatization occurring among samdhi and half samdhan as she most likely is aware she shouldn’t meddle between couples. Vanraj requests that Kavya get back as they can go to resort after at some point, yet he can’t hurt Baa today. Kavya she concurs, they shouldn’t hurt Baa, each year Baa praises his birthday like a Janmastami celebration, she figured Anu wouldn’t allow Baa to do that, yet seeing plans inside, she understood she was doing a serious mix-up by taking him to a rest; on account of Pakhi that he needed to come here; he realizes he should figure for what reason did she change out of nowhere; its his birthday today and she doesn’t need it or his disposition to be spoilt as a result of her as she spoilt their numerous capacities previously; his family might want to see her face after how she managed Samar and its absolutely justifiable; she needs to address her mix-ups and be essential for his birthday; after his and Anu’s separation, she will be with him and his family will acknowledge her in the long run. She keeps arguing and says she has directly on him and in the event that she can’t be essential for his birthday; when her and his family’s disparities clear, he doesn’t need to split himself between 2 spots and there will not be any motivation to battle left, so they ought to have another beginning from today, and so on


Baa indignantly yells pooja muhurath is cruising by, so she will call Vanraj in. Anu demands her not to meddle among Kavya and Vanraj. Pakhi says Kavya meddles and she is certain she has come to take dad way. Anu stops her. Baa asks Kinjal what is she doing here when she and Kavya needed to go to a gathering. Kinjal says gathering is deferred, she needed to educate, however Guruji came and it slipped she’s mind.


Baa says she will shoo off Kavya and bring her child back in. Anu asks her no to do that as Vanraj will feel awful on the off chance that she does as such. Bapuji says Anu is correct. Baa says she needs just her child and not Kavya and requests that Anu clear out. Kavya discloses to Vanraj that she will address Anu and attempts to enter home. Rakhi sniffles all of a sudden and says its a terrible planning, she ought to have wheezed after dramatization, however not to stress as she will give same response as Kavya came to begin the show. Kavya enters home, strolls to Anu and says she came without illuminating them, however she would not like to make any show. Baa requests that she finish her discussion and get out as she doesn’t care for her face. Anu advises Kavya to remain back. Baa says she doesn’t need her here and is troubled seeing her here.

Anu says Kavya is her child’s joy, presently she dislike her, yet soon she will be Vanraj’s significant other and this present house’s bahu; Baa didn’t care for her when she got back home after marriage, however she acknowledged her gradually; she needs Baa to acknowledge even Kavya like her. Kinjal reveals to Nandini that previous she imagined that mummy isn’t right, yet she is correct. Nandini says aunt is in every case right, yet Kavya maasi isn’t care for Anu.


Anu tells Baa and Pakhi that they need to acknowledge Kavya as Vanraj has just acknowledged her; they consider lady crying as would be expected yet shortcoming when a man cries, a man needs to battle among mother and accomplice; so until Baa doesn’t acknowledge Kavya, Vanraj and family won’t be glad. Bapuji asks Vanraj and family will be cheerful, however shouldn’t something be said about her. Anu says her hapoiness is in family’s bliss and solicitations Baa to allow Vanraj to choose whom he needs to commend his birthday with.

Rakhi applauds and says she is moved by her discourse; she thought lady is powerless, however discovered today that even man can be vulnerable. Bapuji says not vulnerable, but rather bound; society ties lady or man, lady is limited by family and man is limited by ceremonies; the two of them feel torment, yet in an alternate way; they underestimate a man; individuals make melodies and stories for mother’s adoration and fail to remember father; they fail to remember that a dad is a rooftop and mother is establishment of house and both are required. Anu demands Baa to fail to remember everything and appreciate the festival. Baa says Kavya won’t allow that to occur. Anu says if Kavya does anything like during Toshu’s wedding, she will drag Kavya out of house; at last Baa needs to acknowledge Kavya in at some point, so what will occur in a half year, why not presently. Rakhi thinks she thought there will be acceptable diversion, both sautans will pull off their hairs, however Anu began her gyaan once more, a particularly exercise in futility. Read More….


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