Anupama I am truly confounded subsequent to seeing my folks cry and my kids hurt. I don’t have a clue what is all in all correct to do and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to release my family’s satisfaction away while simply focusing on my own bliss. This has made me liable and confounded. In most recent couple of days I have the opportunity to live with you the entire 25 years again and I can’t fail to remember that. As the time is passing and the 48 hrs to separate is getting closer, I am getting anxious and more confounded.

On one side there is our separation of a 25years old connection and on one side marriage with Kavya, everything has caused me to feel befuddled. I need time to clear my head and take an unmistakable choice, so I am going a long way from this everyday things so when I invest energy with myself I can find the solutions. Kavya wouldn’t have seen so I am revealing to you this. Like you have consistently done, if it’s not too much trouble, handle the house well behind me.

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Anupama is stunned and gets passionate. She feels powerless. Here, Kavya thinks has Vanraj hindered her number as he never puts his telephone on switch off. Kavya thinks I never wished to go to thay house again however I need to as I am stressed for us. She is going to go yet Nandini stops her and says seconds ago such a lot of dramatization occurred and you are wanting to go once more? I won’t release you. Kavya says I know Nandini you think I am psycho however I am not, I am simply stressed for Vanraj.

Kavya shows Nandini about the deferral in separate. Kavya says I am with Vanraj for most recent 9 years however my affection isn’t not exactly a 25 years of age connection, I was so hanging tight for the separation and now with this defer I am stressed over everything. Nandini releases Kavya. Nandini figures how she doesn’t think Kavya js psycho, she is recently stressed that Kavya doesn’t hurt herself in this frenzy.

The children and Dolly are trusting that Anupama and Vanraj will emerge from room. They think for what reason is it taking such a long time. Anupama descends. Samar says for what reason would you say you are looking stressed and where is father? Anupama says he isn’t here. She gives the letter to Dolly. Cart and Pakhi read it. Anupama cries and says I am tired handlinh this house and obligations. Samar says yet what was the deal? Cart says Vanraj went out. Samar gets stunned. Anupama says I saw dulhas running before marriage yet this is first time I am seeing somebody fleeing from separate.

Anupama frenzies and says how might he do this to me once more. Anu says this individual just realizes how to run, when there I issue in office he hurried to home, issue in home rushed to office, issue with spouse, he raced to escort and now this. Anu says what slip-up did I do in the midst of this? I’m simply tuning in to every one of the insults of individuals saying being a spouse how might you request separate however nobody sees how frequently I broke prior to taking this choice.

Anupama says I was a spouse who offered everything to Vanraj and for whom husband, family and children were everything and I dreaded separation yet when Vanraj disclosed to me he doesn’t cherish me I was prepared to part with my apprehensions as well and requested separation as I need my privilege and not simply some kindness. Anu says how this is a major change for me, my name house all that will change yet for him all that will stay same, for a man it’s not difficult to represent the deciding moment relations still he left everything and ran. Anu says why she needs to confront everybody in her family broken and he moved the opportunity to flee? I’m not requesting him to battle however atleast he can remain and remain with me while I battle. Cart says Vanraj did truly off-base.

Samar says he has consistently considered himself as it were. Anu tosses a blossom container and says he generally fouled up, presently when everything is occurring as indicated by him and he is getting hitched to Kavya too, at that point likewise he just ran, what will Kavya figure, she will fault me that to defer separate from I senr Vanraj away. She cries and afterward holds the container back. Anupama says we need to discover Vanraj to know where he is and on the off chance that he is okay or not. Pakhi says imagine a scenario in which he would not like to be found. Anupama says everything will not occur as per him, in the event that he needs his family shouldn’t give it a second thought or shouldn’t get some information about him it will not occur. They consider whom everything they can call. At that point Anupama says we can likewise ask Kavya.

Kavya comes all of a sudden and says what will Kavya know and how might I realize where is Vanraj? What is happening? I’m certain the entirety of this is your deficiency as it were. Anupama reveals to her that Vanraj has headed off to some place and we need to discover him. Kavya recollects all her new battles with Vanraj and cries and plunks down. Anupama attempts to quiet her down and at a point she yells and says this is the individual you will wed so make a propensity to wipe your own tears.

Kavya says it’s all you flaw! I know you and Vanraj would prefer not to separate from now and that is the reason this show, disclose to me where is Vanraj, I haven’t seen such an oversmart lady like you. Anupama says I haven’t considered such to be idiotic lady as you as you can’t comprehend this is an ideal opportunity to discover Vanraj. Anu says separation will occur and it will occur for me and for my fulfillment. Cart gives the letter to Kavya and says see Vanraj left since he was disappointed with you and it is demonstrated that you are an outcast. Kavya separates. Read more…..