both head out in different directions and request that her come in. Anu sends Toshu to get paan from outside and clarifies Kinjal that however Baa and Bapuji have present day thinking, its unseemly to show PDA before seniors. Kinjal asks regardless of whether having food in same plate is improper. Anu says during Baa and Bapuji’s occasions, it was wrong for couple to talk before seniors. Kinjal says she didn’t have grandparents and older folks at home to think about it, so she will be cautious from hereon. Toshu returns and says Samar had gone to bring paan, at that point for what reason did she send him. She asks is it and afterward asks Kinjal to rest in her or Pakhi’s room until they wed again with seniors’ gifts. Kinjal gestures indeed, and Anu leaves thinking she needed to do this as she needs to hold entire family together. Toshu whines, however Kinjal says they need to do at any rate this for family.

Anu educates Baa about it who says great she disclosed it to Kinjal as Toshu wouldn’t have seen, however he would have if Vanraj had clarified. She gets some information about wedding costs as Vanraj assumed the liability, they will observe Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding as per their status and will impart half add up to Rakhi. Toshu comes running and illuminates that Kinjal was talking over telephone and got abrupt stomach throb. Baa and Anu hurry to her followed by Samar and Pakhi and they all worried for her cause her to feel good. Anu brings ajwain and dark salt combination and feeds it to Kinjal. Kinjal feels alleviation in a flash and says even agony executioner wouldn’t have functioned admirably. Baa says home cures function admirably, kitchen isn’t just ladies’ significant room yet additionally drug store. Rakhi hearing their discussion loosens up hearing Kinjal is fine at this point. Anu at that point makes Kinjal rest on her lap. Kinjal says she was once seriously sick in youth and needed her mom’s spoiling like Anu is doing now, yet Rakhi was occupied in instructing classes. Anu says Rakhi would have felt more awful than Kinjal, however once in a while one needs to forfeit family for work. She gets Devika’s message that Didi has requested that her meet in her school tomorrow for an educator’s work, gets upbeat reasoning head madam is giving her one more opportunity on Devika’s solicitation and she can’t lose this employment.

Around evening time, Vanraj awakens in stun hearing news about his organization’s consolidation. Kavya awakens seeing his response and asks what occurred. He says organization’s consolidation news is valid, numerous workers will lose change after administration change. Kavya trusts they don’t lose the employment. Vanraj says they won’t and he will intrigue his new manager like his old one with his astuteness. Kavya thinks it is quite difficult.

Back at home toward the beginning of the day, Anu advises family that she found a teacher’s line of work once more. Baa asks who will accomplish family work at that point. Mamaji jokes his didi. Anu says she will complete all the work and afterward go to class. Samar advises her that she should be at school by 10 a.m. Baa asks who will plan breakfast and in the event that Jhilmil does, who will clean the house, at that point takes a gander at Kinjal and says her bahu will. Rakhi enters responding and asking inside 2 days, they are making her little girl work. Baa messes with mamaji to disengage link as they will see nagin dramatization day by day from hereon. Rakhi says her little girl isn’t acclimated to slick and fiery food, so will send her food and mineral water from hereon. Family responds. Rakhi says she implies until Kinjal is acclimated to slick and fiery food. She requests that workers show food and keep it on table. Anu asks what is this. Rakhi says even she is a mother and comprehends her inclination, she just brought food and not share, each mother is concerned for her youngsters. Samar reminds Anu that they are getting late. Bapuji says she is getting behind schedule for work. Rakhi responds and says now Anu will go to work and let her bahu work in kitchen, she was expecting better treatment from Anu hearing her good gyaan, with whom she will talk about wedding courses of action if Anu goes to class. Anu thinks back Rakhi’s test that she will indoctrinate her little girl and make her scorn Anu. Baa says Vanraj will and inquires as to whether Rakhi’s family doesn’t esteem men that she didn’t carry her significant other to discuss wedding. Rakhi says she does. Baa requests that her bring at night and go along her significant other just if Vanraj is free. Kinjal requests that Anu go to class and Anu to go from that point, expresses gratitude toward Rakhi for bringing food today yet not to from tomorrow as she is content with her family and doens’t need Rakhi’s obstruction. Rakhi stands stunned and smoldering hearing that.