Scene starts with Dolly insulting Kavya how Vanraj consistently used to recollect Anupama when he was with her yet with Anupama he never considers you. Here, Anupama hurries to Nandini’s home to stop Dolly. Cart says take a gander at Anu how she is quiet in any event, when Vanraj is separating from her and here you are consistently on edge in any event, when you are getting things. Nandini is tuning in to everything and stresses. Cart says for what reason did you go to my sibling’s life even subsequent to thinking about the way that he is hitched and has children, you are a home wrecker. Kavya is irate and says shut up. She slaps and pushes Dolly. Anupama saves her and holds Dolly.

Anupama says you don’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with relations, you are acting like this with Dolly. Kavya says you begin addressing me again and quit separating a bhabhi and nanand, you are only an ex bhabhi. Cart says are you distraught, there is nothing similar to ex bhabhi, she will consistently be my bhabhi. Anu says a mother and sister consistently attempt to ensure their child and sibling and that is the thing that Baa and Dolly are doing. Anu says for the following 48 hrs it’s as yet my home and nobody can grab that from me. She adds how she will consistently be there for her family and if Kavya at any point attempts to stigmatize them, she will come and slap Kavya in her home like she slapped her in her home prior.

Kavya recalls the flashback and blows up. Anu says by wearing these fashioner lehenga you may turn into a lovely lady yet not a bahu. At that point, Dolly and Kavya leave. Nandini advises Kavya to act with the family as after marriage she needs to live with the family as welll. Kavya says even you are not less, you are insulting me like a saas.

Nandini says now I got it you simply need the house and Vanraj ans not the family, I realized you were egotistical but rather today I became acquainted with you are additionally mean. Kavya says shut up and get lost. Nandini says on the off chance that you keep your conduct like this soon Vanraj will say exactly the same thing to you. Nandini leaves. Kavya thinks how everybody is targetting her however she is quiet just till she is getting Vanraj. Kavya thinks consider the possibility that Vanraj additionally feels equivalent to he has not called her since yesterday. She calls him however he doesn’t reply. Kavya says even Vanraj is harming me like his family, just once let the wedding occur after that I will deal with her family well and will not allow Vanraj to disregard me like this.

Here, Sameer and Meenu are playing while Pakhi is staying there stresses. Sameer asks her what befell you? You were so cheerful till now because of lockdown and no separation. Sameer asks where is bhabhi? Pakhi says bhabhi has gone to worldwide gathering and bua should be hear. Anu brings Dolly ans causes her to sit and gives her water.

Cart says I don’t have a clue how you handle however I can’t deal with this lady even others can’t. Anu sends Meenu to Pakhi’s room. Meenu leaves. Anu says I am not saying you are incorrect, I can comprehend what you are feeling as I am a sister as well. Anu says the flaw is similarly of Vanraj. Cart says however you both are not separated at this point and she is arranging the wedding. Anu says in light of the fact that Vanraj has guaranteed her.

At that point, Anu says you both have dismal faces, I am here for only 2 days and you all will be tragic like this? Anu sees something incorrectly and asks them. Pakhi says how because of check in time govt workplaces are shut. Anu recalls the marking of separation paper and she blacks out. Sameer gets her. Anu says I need to converse with Vanraj. She goes. Cart says sorry to Pakhi and says how we are on the whole reasoning childishly and not contemplating Anu.

Here, Kavya gets a call and becomes more acquainted with that even her separation is deferred. She recollects each battle among her and Vanraj. Kavya at that point recollects how guruji said that assuming there is delay in wedding, Vanraj may pull out. Kavya says for what reason is this incident to me. She calls Vanraj however he doesn’t get. Kavya cries.