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Today’s episode Anupama starts with a house entrance in Anupama and Vanraj’s house, then you see that Anupama and Manraj’s alliance opens, then Anupama starts crying, then her babu ji says that it is not a bad omen, it is Kanha ji It is a sign that you have now gone ahead of Manraj and have come to this house as a daughter, this Ram sees that Anupam Manraj comes inside the Raj house, then you say that the ring-seeking ritual is what we do If we take it, Vanraj says that there is a lot of pain in my back, so I want to go and rest in the room for a while, then you see that I have gone to my room today

When Vanraj goes to his room, Rupma says that I also go to the room, this is being packed in her pack and I will apply oil but her breath says that you will not go anywhere, there is something left in the juice so you Stay here and let Manraj go, then you see that I go to my room angry. After some time, Anupama says to her friend that you come with me to my room and have a pen in her bag and I will put it on her balm CD starts offering to him that you cannot live without him for a few moments, on the other hand you see that when Badnera reaches his room.

So Kavya is already present in that room and Raj goes to the Chowk after seeing it. Now I close the door of the room and tell Kavya that you have gone mad. If anyone sees you here, there will be a lot of ruckus. Then Gaya says that I can never forget what you did to me, then you see that he is asking angry Kaya to go out of the buffalo room and I tell him that I have to convince you now.

Brother and you are sorry to tell me but this is not the right time to do all this, only then Kavya gets angry and she says how can a person be so selfish as you are, why did you do this to me 8 years Mari Relationship and you kept this relationship hidden and I still agreed but I can never forget what you have done with me today, I am very angry today, when Manraj is trying to explain what That it is not going right, I wanted to get married with you but Sanjay Bhai stopped me and told Mama ji that he was going to office for work and don’t let it go and what I could do there. Was forced

Kavya says that you can never understand my grief, I always have to comportize. On the other hand you see that Anupama is coming to her room with her friend when Samar comes there and tells her mother That Maa Pakhi has a lot of pictures with you and I don’t have one with you only then and with a bang, sleepy Samar takes a photo of her and her mother and Samar leaves from there, then Anupama and her friends start going to their room again After going some distance, the work she does at Anupama’s house comes and I tell her that all the milk is spilled, then Anupama says that I also make caste and cheese in the kitchen, when her friend says that you are nowhere Will go

Anupama’s friend tells her workmate that you make paneer from milk and I ask for milk, praying that Anupama’s salary goes to the kitchen and Anupama alone starts going to her room and on the other side I see that I am angry Kavya is trying to explain a lot but she is not understanding and she is going to go out and tell the truth to everyone. She reaches the door of the room and Manraj stops her and he tells me that I I want to get married and I love you too. Let us tell the housemates, but after telling them, will we both be able to live together? What will our children say to me? It is not so easy for the Congress to get married. Ho

He will ask me to stay away from you and emotional blackmail will you be able to have it all this way you see that when Black stands near the door and I slowly open the oak of the door then Manraj takes the poetry forward is

This way Anupama will see her coming in her room and the room is not people. She opens the door of the room. When I open the door, I see that Kavya and Vanraj are hugging each other and she stares at it. Manraj is telling Kavya that I love you very much and want to marry you only. Mama is watching all this, then she starts getting dizzy, then you see that Manraj would have been expressing his love to Kavya. Hai Anupama sees all this and does not understand what is happening and she collapses and only then Manraj realizes that Anupama has come to this room and she is quickly from this bed. Gets up

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