Today’s episode Anupama will be shown to you that all the people get ready and sit in the van, then you see that everyone is very happy to go around, when I am going on the way, he plays Antakshari on the other side. Kinjal’s mother Waiting for those people, after a while, all those people reach there and go there, then Angel’s mother already stands there and she welcomes all the people when a man comes there And I tell her that the restaurants you had booked food in the national anthem are closed, so she tells everyone. You Kinjal’s mother says we can eat you there but you can eat near the bridge, then Anupama is there. But she refuses to sit and she says that Babuji will not be comfortable outside there, then everybody decides that we take the palace nation and then think of eating it, then you see that everybody goes to their own room They come to the hotel where Kavya and Vanraj are there, Anupama Kamya and Manraj do not see each other that Kinjal’s there The mother comes and thinks in her mind that I will not let such people know that all her people are in the same hotel. After some time, Vanraj’s call comes, the message Anupama has sent to her, only then she speaks to her brother. That I go out for 2 days and you have to go for a walk, then Anupama wants that this Rakhi sister invited us here in the hotel, so we came here and you have more trouble then you can talk from outside only I go where you guys have come to which hotel, when she starts speaking her name, Kinjal’s mother drops her phone, Kavya also comes to Vanraj and 1 states do not know the name of the hotel, then Rakhi Anupama She takes all the people from the house to her own room, and when she goes to her room, she is very happy, she tells her husband that this is such a big room, you will not go out of this room. Now you do that, now you see that all the housemates are very happy, Rakhi goes to leave Anupama in her room and she books the ashes in front of Manraj and Kavya. Poetry and the monkey leave the room on the other hand, even today, the monkey comes into his room, if the door of his room is not opening and otherwise Raj says something, then Anupama feels that if she is angry outside When the door opens, Kavya and Manraj have gone inside and she starts wondering why I had heard their voice, if both of them are here in this hotel, then she says that I am thinking too much of something like that. No and she closes the door and comes back in. After some time, I think that I should go to that room and find out who is there, then she goes out and plays the belt of the room in front of her to play two or three times. After Vanraj says who is this who is playing the band again and again, he asks Kavya to open the door and the work is coming to open the door, so today’s episode ends here