Anu prevents Vanraj from applying sindhoor on her brow and asks what’s happening with he. He says she may not accept his words, so he needs to apply sindhoor on her brow and become her better half once more. She says he applied sindhoor even on 25th wedding commemoration and he may not recall what occurred after at some point, yet she recollects that it. He says he realizes he committed an error which can’t be pardoned, however can be rebuffed as one who has directly on them will be rebuffed; he committed 1000s of errors in 25 years, he doesn’t state that he didn’t do them, he needs to change. She says botch is a one which is done unwittingly, yet he does everything purposely. He says he did whatever he felt right, he didn’t know he went out, presently he got back and needs to re-visitation of his family

also, become her better half once more. She tends to him as Toshu’s daddy, at that point says till now she considered him Toshu’s dad, yet now he is simply left with that name and nothing else than that; he went to Kavya to disappear from her and now need to return to her to disappear from Kavya; prior he thought of her as adoration as administration and now administration as affection; she won’t let his relationship with his folks and kids break and won’t allow him to identify with her. He says he turned into a dad from child with her and now needs to proceed with his excursion of associations with her; he was her help previously and now needs her to be his help, so she should allow him to stroll with her. Anu says one ventures together whose excursion is same, however their excursions changed when he returned. He says their excursions can be together once more. She says let there be contrast between atmosphere, which changes frequently, and human. He says he has truly changed, both their hearts are broken, they are 2 sides of a wrecked bangle which can be joined together. She says broken bangle sides can be kept together yet not fixed; her bangle is broken and she can’t take somebody’s bangle and wear it. She inquires as to whether he needs her to do how Kavya managed her; it would have been acceptable in the event that he had not told this, she would have thought if not hers, he is another person, but rather he would not like to be anyone’s; she knows how it feels when a third individual enters their life, she won’t let what occurred with her to rehash with Kavya. She wipes sindhoor from her hand and leaves requesting that he wipe it from his hand.

Nandini stands crying in nursery. Samar embraces her from behind and says sorry. He says the two of them committed an error, she shrouded her sentiments in a journal; when she thinks he resembles his mom, at that point she should give him a possibility. She embraces him inwardly. He says he cherishes her in the wake of perusing her journal and even her sentiments probably transformed, he adores her a great deal, loads of affection. She says he can’t cherish her and should simply go from her. He says he is going according to her desire, yet his affection for her won’t ever stop; their kinship will proceed and they will never separated; his adoration for her and her companionship for him will prevent them from disappearing. He leaves unfortunately. She stops him and requests to return. He runs towards her. She acknowledges that she has affections for him in her heart. The two of them embrace each other cheerfully. He sings Ishq wala love… .melody… and hits the dance floor with her. The two of them appreciate the second romancing and scratch their jodi as Sanan. Nandini at that point acknowledges it was her creative mind and feels that she cherishes Samar, yet can’t advise him as her past isn’t allowing him to push forward.

Vanraj picks Anu’s pooja thali and turns calling her, yet quits seeing Kavya. Kavya asks him not to stress as she didn’t come here after him; like he gave one more opportunity to Anu, she needs to give one more opportunity to Anirudh. She says she attempted to draw close to him and apologize commonly leaving her conscience and dignity, yet he didn’t pardon her; she took in a ton from her and is figuring out how to give another opportunity to her relationship; the two of them are fortunate, he has a caring family and Anu will excuse him soon, even she has Anirudh who needs to allow her another opportunity even after so much occurred; the two of them began this excursion to rebuff their life accomplices; she is going from his path and even his life; she is upset for whatever she did and thank you for whatever he did and implores god that he and Anupama and she and Anirudh be cheerful consistently. She leaves. He stands thinking back Kavya and Anu’s words.

Pakhi addresses her companion Riya over telephone and inquires as to for what reason didn’t she come to class. Riya says she went for her folks’ commemoration shopping, she realizes her folks were going to separate, yet when her dad apologized mother, she excused him and everything is typical between them now. Pakhi trusts everything ought to have returned to typical between her folks once more. Vanraj gets back and takes a gander at the two his and Kavya’s home. Baa reveals to Anu that she would not like to see maide ki katori Kavya’s face, so she kept the entryway shut; asks where is Vanraj, he had gone to sanctuary behind her. She says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. Baa shouts she is doing anything she desires nowadays. Entryway chime rings. Baa requests that she proceed to open entryway for Vanraj. Anu opens entryway, yet sees basic food item man and Vanraj strolling into Kavya’s home and closes the entryway taking a gander at him.

Samar goes to Nandin’s home and says he told that their friendshiip will proceed and nothing will change, so she should open the entryway and get ready espresso for him. Baa requests that Anu get ready soup for Vanraj. Anu says he won’t come as he headed off to some place else. Vanraj asks Kavya what did she say in sanctuary. She says like consistently he didn’t hear her out and doesn’t anyway she clarifies him; at any rate he ought to be content with his better half and she will be content with Anirudh and the two of them are moving abroad. Vanraj thinks back Anu’s words. Anu trusts he doesn’t take any choice because of his tenacity.

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