Anupama 21 February 2021 Written Update


Mamaji and Bapuji joke with one another. Vanraj leaves preparing and seeing Anu thinks back their more joyful days. He expresses a couple of things stay even after they end. Anu says relationship got out from under down and propensity will end, he should call Kavya as she is stressed.

Guruji enters. Baa welcomes him and presents him as their Kulguru who plays out the entirety of her family pooja. She requests that Kinjal and Toshu contact his feet. He favors them to be together consistently. Vanraj and Anu contact his feet next, and he favors them same. Kavya comes to and blows up thinking back Anu slapping ehr and showing her out of house. Anu advises family that Kavya has come.


Toshu takes Guruji in. Kavya attempts to enter in and Baa cautions her to dare not go into her home. Vanraj hauls Kavya out. Meenu inquires as to why awful aunt returns consistently. Pakhi says Meenu is correct, Kavya is self centered. Sanjay asks Meenu not to get rowdy with older folks. Read More….



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