Anu says Kavya is practical, however she has visible the sector and in the event that they don’t forestall grimy eyes, grimy arms will contact them. Kavya asks how will they show grimy eyes. Baa says this is why she stated they may suppose properly and determine punishment. Kavya asks if she can be able to she can be able to punish Dholakia, one that couldn’t arise for herself for 25 years, how will she arise for others; Anu tolerated Vanraj’s verbal abuse for 25 years with out informing her MIL or mother, how will she assist others in office. Vanraj warns her to close up. Kavya shouts returned now no longer to shout as she is speakme truth. Anu says Kavya is proper. Baa says fights show up among couples. Anu says fights are ok till each talk and its a punishment whilst handiest 1 speaks; she tells Vanraj that she didn’t need to restart antique difficulty, however his spouse provoked her; she have to have stopped Vanraj whilst he shouted at her for the primary time and cheated on her; she tolerated it silently, however will now no longer allow her daughters Sweety, Kinjal, Nandini go through like her and could train them now no longer to worry if their husband shouts at them inner a room or boss in office; they have to make an apology if they’re at mistake and want now no longer worry whilst they’re now no longer at mistake; she learnt it after burning her arms, Kinjal is a contemporary-day lady and have to optimistically pass ahead. She similarly tells Kavya that she is proper that she suffered silently, however will now no longer allow her daughters go through and wishes Kavya additionally to assist her.

Samar says says earlier than doing anything, they have to talk to Toshu as soon as. Anu asks him to name Toshu. Toshu rushes domestic and after displaying his challenge for Kinjal says she did proper via way of means of leaving the process and may be part of her mom’s commercial enterprise. Samar says its now no longer an difficulty in which bhabhi have to work. Toshu says he can’t suppose like his own circle of relatives and begin revolution, not anything will show up to Dholakia however Kinjal’s profession could be destroyed. Kavya thank you him for questioning nearly. Samar asks in the event that they have to spare Dholakia. Toshu says they can’t bodily punish him. Samar says they wil suppose some thing else. Toshu says why is Samar looking to act a hero unnecessarily, Kinjal is his spouse and his responsibility. Samar says Kinjal isn’t handiest Toshu’s spouse, however a person’s bhabhi, bahu, beti, and greater importantly a female who became misbehaved via way of means of a person. Toshu says Kinjal left her process for that. Samar asks if bhabhi could be punished for Dholakia’s mistake. Toshu shouts now no longer to speak senselessly. Their argument maintains. Kinjal shouts to forestall and says anything befell is together along with her and she or he will determine what to do or what now no longer to do.

Precap: Kinjal with complete own circle of relatives clicks Dholakia’s video calling him eve teaser and molester. Anu slaps him. He attempts to hit her returned. Vanraj stops and warns him. Dholakia demanding situations to punish them all.