In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when she is angry and Anupama is getting married, then 1 state had to tell the truth to Kavya’s Anupama, that is when she gets out of her dreams, I see Kavya there. But she stands and laughs and joins their happiness.

All the poetry says to Anupama that forgive me that I came here late even though I have missed some rituals but I can support myself for what is left in the juice, then you see that Manraj Anupama’s Mangalsutra When I get annoyed, I tell them that all rituals have been done, but the rest remains.

If this girl’s farewell composition is done then it will not be considered a marriage, then you see that Anupama’s breath says that you should also do the ritual, then you see that during the farewell ceremony, Kavya starts dancing to the song and that Anupama Takes along with him. When the farewell song goes on, Anupama’s mother leaves from there crying.

Then Anupama also goes with her. Anupama’s mother tells her that the 25 years ago that I had come this morning were during your greetings, but the tears that are there today are for your happiness. You have endured a lot in the last 25 years. Have done and after 25 years you have been allowed to laugh openly, then Anupama says that I am not such a thing, 25 years ago, I used to live here very well and if I will stay ahead then Anupama says that I am very happy today.

I do not understand how I time these joys, then your mother says that you make your life bigger because earlier you were very much and wife, now you are going to become a mother-in-law everything and your life will be renewed. It is going to start from now, so if you enlarge your area, then you see that Anupama comes back to the family with her mother.

Then Anupama’s breath says that you did farewell even 25 years ago, but today you have opened the window of tears and she starts joking, then Anupama’s breath says that now the farewell ceremony is done, it is said Yes, the farewell ceremony is done, what to do next, then Anupama’s breath says, now it is time for home entry, then you see that Anupama’s breath in the house says that the girl should be outside and the boy inside Everyone’s business stands out.

Then Anupama’s breath says that which side are you going to be, then Nandni says that you are from our opposition side, so you have been on the side of the boys, then you see that Kavya says that I have fulfilled the duty of being friends first. Along with Raj, Anupama also takes care of her friend from me, so now that she is on behalf of the girl and she stands behind and starts entering the house, then everyone says that we will enter You see that Leela refuses to give one.

So all the people start running and he says that we do not want the cloud first and then we will allow us to enter the house. On the other hand when Kavya stands behind Anupama and Manraj, then she opens the alliance of Manraj and Anupama when Anupam When the house starts entering inside, then everyone is shocked to see that their alliance is open, when Anupama also sees this, she starts crying, thus today’s episode ends here.