Vanraj wants from Anupama that I have reached. He asks to tell the family. Anupama Vanraj asks to call in the evening in between.
I say Anupama Singh that I am not your father’s servant, Anupama says do not drag my father in the middle. He says that he is calling at home that yesterday, when Eid today, while talking on mobile in Gujarati, today Anupama says that he is not so educated but nobody in Hyderabad speaks Gujarati.

Rakhi and Rakhi inform Janaki that Vanraj is with Kavya. Janaki says that such people should get a reality check.

On the other hand, when Anupama is making pickles, Samar is happy to see them. Anupama says that I am making for her, Anoop says that uncle was telling Nandni that Kavya and Manraj are together. Anupama says that she already knows. Samar starts asking Anupama if she does not mind. Anupama says that she does not feel bad but has a heart injury. On the other side, we are discussing that Leela is becoming cheerful and what will happen when we know about Kavya. Anupama says that he will not be able to accept the truth.

On the other hand, Samar goes to the chowk after seeing Nandani. Anupama teaches death to her online teacher. Nandini says that this is her love for you. Also Kinjal asks Anupama to come home because Leela is screaming after seeing Rakhi’s message. Anupama Nandini and Samar go home. Alila tells Anupama about the message and she flashes. Leela tells Anupama that Rakhi is sending that picture in the room of whatever she played with us in the morning. Leela invites Rakhi of that teacher to keep them all good. Leela Hasmukh agrees to go to the restaurant, Anupama feels Rakhi’s offer is wrong, I think she has a plan ahead.

Nandni refuses to go there. Kinjal forces her. Samar’s uncle asks her to go to Nandni and says that she can pay her bill. Samar and Kinjal convince Nandani. Anupama types the message to Manraj, Manraj is unable to see. Anupama starts praying for the safety of the family.

Rakhi makes a phone call to Anupama Vanraj.

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