Vanraj visits his companion’s bistro and says even little organizations need youthful blood. Companion says he went through same circumstance and consequently he took credit and opened this bistro; says on the off chance that he is so frantic, he can work in his new bistro close to his home as a business promoting head as its hard to find a new line of work at their age. He takes Vanraj to show him new bistro’s plan. Nandini with Samar sitting in a similar bistro stresses for Vanraj. Samar says he was so haughty and offended mummy when she got 5000 rs reward, one needs to pay for their wrongdoings in a similar life. Nandini trusts Vanraj’s issues settle soon or, more than likely it will influence their entire family.

Kavya orders Geeta to serve snacks to Vanraj when he gets back and gives her wifi pasword. Geeta asks what will she do work then, at that point. Kavya says she needs to serve just 2 of them and no one else and should rest till then, at that point. Kinjal offers lift to Kavya in Toshu’s vehicle. Kavya concurs. Baa recounts a sonnet against Kavya. Geeta snickers. Kavya shouts at her not to affront her before servant and leaves hollering. Youngsters leave. Anu prepared for her work demands Baa to quit calling Kavya as maide ki katori before kids. Baa says on the off chance that she doesn’t control Kavya, their hearts will break like their home.

Vanraj advises Baa and Bapuji about his new position offer in his companion’s bistro. Bapuji says he is glad to see him grinning after quite a while and recommends to acknowledge it. Anu likewise grins in endorsement. Kavya goes against his choice and says he won’t make a little showing. Vanraj says he isn’t looking for her assessment however illuminating her as Baa, Bapuji, and Anu previously endorsed him. Read More…..