Anupama and Vanraj eagerly watch for dance academy and cafe clients. A guy enrolls his daughter in Anu’s dance academy. Vanraj feels satisfied for Anu. Parents constantly join their kids in Anu’s academy. Anu asks them to take a seat down in cafe till formalities are completely, however they deny. Kavya complains Vanraj that Anu is getting many admission however didn’t divert even a unmarried patron to cafe. Vanraj says she can’t pressure clients at gunpoint.

Toshu tells Kinjal that he desires to speak to her. She says she is already tensed with out a unmarried patron in cafe. He says she is aware of he needs to speak, however she is heading off him purposefully. She says while he is aware of, he shouldn’t pressure her. He receives a name and leaves pronouncing he’s going to communicate to her later. In the nighttime, Kavya yells that now no longer even a unmarried patron visited until now and therefore in place of losing time, they ought to go back domestic. Baa asks her to move domestic if she needs. Anu attempts to relax Kavya and says clients will go to. Kavya yells that she is performing as though all of the tables are complete with clients. Anu receives an concept and asks own circle of relatives contributors to take a seat down on each desk mimicking a patron. Kavya keeps yelling and demanding situations that although a unmarried patron comes, they are able to extrade her call.

A younger couple walks in seeing the brand new region. Anu and Vanraj greet them. Kinjal asks Kavya ought to she extrade her call to champakali. Couple asks menu, and the female orders keto burger. Vanraj says they’ve cheese burger. Girl asks in the event that they don’t have keto burger and attempts to leave. Kavya yells. Vanraj stops couple and asks chef to put together keto burger soon. Chef says he doesn’t know. Anu rushes to the kitchen. Kavya yells if she is aware of some thing than theplas. Vanraj asks if she is aware of to put together keto burger. Anu says she organized it for Pakhi’s birthday at some point of her birthday and prepares one. Vanraj serves burger. Girl asks what became it. Kavya attempts to humiliate Anu again. Girl says its heaven, a great mixture of flavor and fitness and asks to get 1 greater right here and six parcels. Family receives satisfied listening to that.

Anu prepares burgers and packs them for patron. Customer says chef rocks, pays, and leaves promising to refer this region to her friends. Family rejoices. Vanraj offers his cafe’s first earning’s credit score to Anu and own circle of relatives praises Anu. Jealous Kavya yells they ought to near the cafe earlier than they may be fined. Bapuji corrects her. Mamaji jokes as usual. Vanraj tells Anu that he earned 1300 rs on his first day and insists to expose her earnings. Anu says 6500 rs. He says he ought to scouse borrow it then, gives friendship and says they have been collectively for 25 years, however he found out the that means of friendship now. Anu laughs.

Next morning, Kinjal is busy in telecellsmartphone name assembly while Pakhi asks Samar to serve her breakfast. Their argument starts. Baa warns them to prevent as Kinjal’s assembly goes on. Kavya says she can be able to put together her breakfast. Pakhi thank you her. Read More……..