Anupama 20 February 2021 Written Update


Kinjal keeps standing up to Pakhi. She says father committed an error, however she rebuffed mummy; she, at the end of the day, ventured out from home and went to dad, yet when Kavya didn’t treat her well, she got back; its reasonable, yet for what reason is she venting out her resentment on family, which is inadmissible; her concern isn’t Kinjal or mummy, yet herself; she doesn’t figure much prior to talking without speculation others may feel awful, they excuse her deduction her as little, yet enough now; she and mummy love her, yet she won’t ease off from saying her severe truth as she isn’t excessively little not to comprehend contrast between right or wrong; its up to her to say here or at Kavya’s home, yet in the event that she remains here, she should ensure that she shouldn’t hurt mummy once more; its better she remains at Kavya’s home as everybody are self centered there like her who consider just themselves. Pakhi stands stunned seeing Kinjal’s outrage side.

Vanraj calls her and inquires as to for what reason did she come here without advising him. She is sorry and embraces him. He grins and says now its looks his birthday now. Anu inquires as to whether he will remain back for party after pooja as Kavya more likely than not arranged something. Baa reprimands that she is stressed more over her sautan than saas. Kinjal contacts Vanraj’s feet and wishes him happiy birthday. Baa reveals to Vanraj let us finish pooja and play computer game. Kinjal inquires as to whether she plays videogame. Baa says she plays videogame on her child’s birthday. Mamaji jokes that she is unsuitable to play even ludo. Toshu challenges Baa. Baa says they will play game and gathering at night. Kavya messages Vanraj asking when is he coming. Pakhi advises family that father is going out with amigo Pakhi. Baa gets miserable and says her child’s birthday resembles Janmastami for her and when Kanhaiya is missing, how might she commend celebration. She begins crying. Anu requests that she let him carry on with his life the manner in which he needs. Baa genuinely says she allows him to carry on with his life for 364 days and simply asks 1 day; he ventured out from home leaving her in stun, and still, at the end of the day she concurred for his satisfaction; he and Anu decidced for separation and she stayed silent; prior it was bahu’s privilege and afterward maide ke ki katori Kavya’s, shouldn’t something be said about a mother’s correct, and so on Bapuji says everything changed over the long haul. Baa says her child hadn’t change since he was conceived and changed after maide ke katori came in his life. Kavya calls Vanraj over and again. Bapuji requests that she quit crying and send her child joyfully. Baa keeps talking sincerely and says the lone she got upbeat was the point at which he sobbed interestingly, she is content with his bliss from that point forward, and so on Family attempts to reassure him. Vanraj sings Dekhsakta Hoon Main Kuch Bhi Hote Hue… melody and cleaning her tears inquires as to whether she will commend his birthday crying. She enthusiastically inquires as to whether he won’t go. He says they will praise their birthday together. Pakhi inquires as to whether he won’t go with amigo. He says no, he will commend birthday here. Baa requests to call pandit soon. Toshu says he told he will come himself. Bapuji calls Pandit. Toshu says he will choose kurta for father. Vanraj strolls to his room and his telephone turns off because of battery channel.


Baa cheerfully prepares cake for Vanraj singing a melody. Anu says she looks adorable when she is upbeat. Baa inquires as to whether she doesn’t look adorable when she is unsettled. Anu says she didn’t say that. Baa giggles and requests that she adorn cake. Toshu chooses kurtas for Vanraj. Vanraj says his child has grown up now to choose kurta for him while he used to choose dresses for him during his youth. Toshu grins. They share an old story where Toshu plans an unexpected present for Vanraj and requests spelling from shock from him. Toshu says he didn’t know to shroud amazes at that point. Vanraj says he doesn’t know even now as he saw his unexpected blessing box; says he needn’t bother with blessing however his kinship and solicitations in the event that he will fail to remember everything and become his companion once more. Toshu thinks back the occasion and embraces him. Anu sees that cruising by. Vanraj asks friends> Toshu says companions and requests that he wear kurta soon. Vanraj figures Kavya should be hanging tight for him; he needs to call, advise and quiet her before she comes here.


Kavya calls Pakhi and hollers at her for abandoning educating and says in the event that she needs to proceed with it, she should remain there itself. Pakhi asks what else? Kavya asks, in stun, what? furthermore, requests to offer telephone to her father as his telephone is turned off. Pakhi says he is occupied with preparing for pooja and will commend birthday at home, So Kavya can go to resort alone; Kavya would not like to take her to resort and praise birthday with father alone, so better chances sometime later. Anu hearing her discussion admonishes her to carry on with older folks, takes telephone and illuminates Kavya that she will request that Vanraj call her. Kavya separates call furiously. Pakhi says she knows disposition pointlessly. Pakhi says when they love somebody, they take a gander at their satisfaction, her daddy’s bliss is with Kavya, so its better she acknowledges Kavya. Pakhi says she isn’t extraordinary like her, prior Kavya isolated dad from mummy and now her, she won’t her succeed. Anu figures kids don’t share even their toys with others, how might they share their folks. Kavya thinks V picked whom he needs to praise his birthday with and is doing anything he desires, presently she will do anything she desires and wishes V best of luck for his birthday and new relationship which will begin between them from today.

Anu prepares for birthday celebration and keeping in mind that composing Vanraj’s name on cake looks for Kinjal and Nandini’s assistance. She says she understands their opinion; her relationship has finished with Vanraj, however his relationship didn’t end with others, so she can’t demolish other’s bliss. The two of them say she is a motivation and the two of them took in a great deal from her. Samar video calls Nandini. Anu addresses him and requests that he wish Vanraj. He says he would not like to, she demands and he concurs and says he is missing festival with family. She requests to come at that point. He says he will be back soon.


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