Anupama 2 November 2020 written update

In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that Manraj goes to Kavya’s house and Kavya is very happy to see Vanraj and tells him again thank you will you come here you don’t know how happy I am then only Kavya’s housemates When asked about it, he gets silent and asks about Kiran, then today he says that he is not the only Anupama that I have known for 1 year.

If Mohan does it, she can do it very quickly, I think Anupama is nervous on hearing this, then what does she say that we need to be sad in this, it is good for us, Anupama knows everything. Now both of us can get married in front of everyone.


Pawan Raj says that what you are saying to me is not as easy as you understand it, on the other hand you see that Anupama is giving food to the family members only then with Anupama Asking her that you are in a mood, the thief is playing a police game.


Do you leave when you come and asks Anupama that you know where the monkey is today If my mother tells her that I do not know, she says with her that when she comes at night, serve her good food, you know that I eat the same food that you have served. When she goes to the micro, everyone is killed there and says that now she will press a button. After a while you see that when Anupama comes outside the house, Nandini was looking at Anupama and stopped seeing her.

It is then that Anand tells her that Anupam aunty forgive me, then Anupama says that you do not need to apologize at all because I am angry she is tired of doing it. My husband, son and brother have all hidden the truth from me but Nandini says Forgive me, then Samar comes to the place, he starts to understand Nandni that I told you not to come close to my mother and I feel bad calling her Anupama tells Samar that you shut up someone I do not like making girls cobras, then Samar apologizes to her mother and Anupama apologizes to Nandni that Samar’s bad luck has happened, forgive it only then Nand Jini hugs Anupama and says Anupama that you believe me.


When I came to know about Kavya and Vanraj Uncle, I tried to explain to Masi a lot but she was adamant and when Vanraj Uncle And Kavya Masi was about to get married, so I told her in the morning and even tried to stop this marriage, when Anupama hears of the marriage, she breaks down even further and starts asking her if marriage is Nandni Yes, Raj Uncle and Kary Masi were married in the temple Anupama asks when she says that when you and Manraj Uncle were going to get married,

Anupama understands everything at 8:00 am on the same day. That her husband was not going to meet his lot that day but was going to marry Kavya. Thackeray says that if Sanjay Bhai does not stop them from marrying that day then he will go to marry to give her It was then that Anupama feels dizzy, Samar handles it, then Anupama tells Samar that you have money, then you understand what you are saying, then the mother says that you give me money Two Samar gives him the money and Anupama starts going from there,


Samar asks where are you going, then Anupama says that your mother is not so weak that someone dies after taking medicines but now she becomes even stronger Hai will come back after some time and says she leaves from there Samar and Nandini are getting very upset. On the other hand her breath also stands apart with binoculars and comes out and asks the ceremony where she has gone.

Then Samar says that when he comes home, it will be known that we see Anupama reach Kavya’s house on auto and go there and ask the guard that if Kavya stays here, he reveals the address of her room and Anupama will go there. Looks like you see that Wonder has reached Already today, when Anupama reaches the floor where Kavya lives, then I am angry and starts coming out of that room and he sees Anupama and quickly again She goes as poetic and tells Kavya that she is coming, then Kavya says who is coming, then she says that Anupama is coming here, what does she say Why are you doing so much water, it is good that he will know that what is in our midst is true, so Manraj says that you do not do stupid things to me.

Anupama 3 November Written update

It is said that you do not tell Anupama that I am here, you and Anupama, whoever they talk to, is hiding and then Anupama plays Kavya’s room belle. She says with a voice that I know that Kavya you open the door behind us and quickly, then where does Gaya open the door? In front of Anupama, the eye is bent and Anupama comes inside the room and apologizes to Kavya. And says that I did not know that this truth would come before you in this way, then the mother says that I had considered my friend, then only Kavya says.

That I got married to you but I am nothing with you. I was going to be divorced by Anirudh and in the meantime, both Manraj and I were about to get married and then I would have given you the Divorce there. Also breaks down when Anupama says that I have not come here to listen, I say that I have had a sincere relationship with her for 25 years,

But she did not consider me her own, but she married me but did not consider this marriage as her own. Know what was lacking in my love, but I do not think that this 25 years of love will be less than your 8 years of love. Even if you feel that it can play its relationship with you honestly then it is good for you and me It does not matter now that it belongs to you because it is not mine, Vanraj is listening to all this.

Ishq mein marjawan Season 2 1 November 2020 Written Update

Pakhi on the other hand is asking his brother again and again that there is a fight between father and mother Does he say that you are small, like a little hero, then summer comes there and says why? Brother, how long will you hide this truth, then he says that you do not tell him anything, do not bring the younger one in the middle, then Samar Pakhi starts to say that you do not know the truth now, but since then your senses have come.

You have grown up and you are not small and when you know the truth, then you have to support the right and as soon as you say this, it goes from there and Pakhi says to her that I know that between mom and dad An enormous panic has taken place, on the other hand, Anupama shares everything with Kavya, thus today’s episode ends here.


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