Vanraj steps in and says you are not biting the dust, you are not going anyplace. Vanraj says I am not, infact we won’t let you. Baa says we don’t think you are frail, I just idea you will be glad in the event that you didn’t think about it. Anu says I am a mother, this illness can’t cause me to feel low. Anu says I have seen my children get hurr whether it be Toshu getting harmed on head, or Samar dealing with an issue in school or Pakhi getting injured,

I have consistently taken care of everything solid and forlorn. Anu says in fact I have seen myself getting cheated and requesting what I feared the most that are separate however see still I remain here. The children come to Anu. Anu says I need to see relationships and great youngsters thus numerous things so don’t stress I am not going anyplace unexpectedly early. The kiss embraces Anu.

Desirous Kavya thinks assuming Vanraj needs just his family, for what reason don’t he illuminate her and end their issue. Advaith meets her and acquaints himself and asks her with call him as Adi. She says she is Kavya, Vanraj’s companion. He says that is the reason she is crying alone seeing Vanraj appreciating with family. She inquires as to whether she looks irate. He requests that she be quiet till her displeasure quiets down. She asks how should she respond. He gives her bat and requests that she vent out her resentment on the hanging ball. Vanraj stands thinking to the side. Anu offers him tea.

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He says everything happened as a result of him, he feels answerable for her condition and is feeling regretful; he needs to apologize her and backing her, she will overcome her sickness effectively, he is with her as a help. She says she needn’t bother with anybody’s help or worry as her family is there for that; he shouldn’t censure himself for her condition as connections give satisfaction and distress to mind and not body, whatever is written in destiny will occur, so he should discuss showing worry for her. He says he can uphold her in any event; however he isn’t a justification her disease, he needs to be a friend of her satisfaction. She inquires as to whether he needs to help her, at that point he ought to wed Kavya.

Advaith requests that Kavya quiet her resentment or, more than likely she will become sick. Kavya vents out her displeasure on a ball, Vanraj holds ball. Advaith requests that Vanraj pick one between two. Vanraj gets concerned when Samar worriedly calls mummy.