Anu gets ready breakfast swiftly early morning. Kinjal strolls to kitchen reluctantly and sees Anu completing basically everything alone. Anu offers her espresso. Kinjal says she completed practically everything, got extraordinary/mahaan, and demonstrated her terrible. Anu says Kinjal is acceptable to such an extent that she can’t be terrible regardless of whether she needs to, she is accomplishing office fill in just as house work;

she turned out to be awful in my her eyes as her wonderful turned out to be awful in everybody’s eyes due to her; she has a little work and it doesn’t make any difference in the event that she loses it, however Kinjal has a corporate work and a brilliant vocation and every one of her examinations and difficult work will go to no end in the event that she loses it; she is her girl and very much like Sweety blows up on her, she can likewise blow up on her and basically told that she can’t do it, yet rather attempted to get extraordinary; she should complete espresso and battle with her at whatever point she feels awful, yet ought to never imagine that she doesn’t adore her or loves lesser than her own kids; her adoration won’t ever reduce for her as mother knows to blow up and admonish, yet can’t for long.

Kinjal stands thinking. When Anu leaves, Kaya enters and says Anu is so unsurprising and is attempting to refute them, she doesn’t care either way if Geeta found employment elsewhere as Anu is her new house cleaner now and new servant can’t endure their companionship. Kinjal says Anu is mummy and not a servant and its their issue. Kavya says she shouldn’t succumb to Anu’s rich discussions. Kinjal says she won’t succumb to anybody’s rich talk and went overboard in dissatisfaction, she is vexed on mummy for certain issues yet can tolerate upping for herself and needn’t bother with Kavya’s help. Kavya figures what did Anu feed her initial morning that she changed out of nowhere.

Mr. Dholakia calls Kinjal and requests that she handle the present gathering as his better half is sick. Kinjal says she will deal with the customer. Supervisor says customer doesn’t comprehend their concern and she needs to deal with customer delicately. Kinjal sees Anu working and understands her mix-up and detaches call. Samar strolls to her and says he was unable to quit hearing her discussion, she joyfully consented to help her manager out of luck, yet didn’t have any desire to help family out of luck. Kavya strolls to her next, and she leaves. Kavya thinks on the off chance that she is keeping away from her.

Vanraj talks about with Bapuji that he needs groundbreaking thoughts for his cafeteria, he has a few thoughts which are not invigorating and needs to experiment. Anu offers Bapuji’s medication. Bapuji says how much ever enormous the lock it, it is opened through a little key, also his prosperity can be accomplished with a little thought. He says even he is searchig for a comparable thought as his companion confides in him monstrously. Bapuji requests that Anu give her thought. Anu says typically school and cafeteria kids visit cafeteria, so he ought to make menu as indicated by their pocket cash. Vanraj says on the off chance that they diminish cost, even bit will be less. Anu says that is alright as both food and cash will not be squandered; he ought to coordinate standup satire, music, and so forth, every day and plan takeaway dishes moreover. Bapuji inquires as to whether she did MBA stowing away from them. She says she picks up watching children and leaves for her work. The two of them like her thought. Kavya strolls in straightaway. Bapuji requests that she give some thought for Vanraj’s cafeteria. She says she has a great deal of work pressure and is moving latge for work and leaves. Vanraj thinks back Anu’s empowering words and Kavya’s debilitating words both.

In the evening, Anu surges home saying ‘sorry’ family for getting late because of her medical clinic visit and says she will get ready food soon. Family grins at her and shows sorry note. Kinjal embraces her from behind. Anu says she can endure outrage however not contempt. Kinjal says she can blow up yet not disdain. Anu genuinely embraces her. Bapuji reveals to Toshu that it was generally hard for him as man needs to endure both mother and spouse. Kinjal apologizes Anu. Anu says it occurs among mother and girl like among Baa and Dolly, her and Pakhi, Rakhi and Kinjal. Kinjal says she today understood that they quietly endure supervisor’s embarrassment and torment, yet can’t endure family pressure. Bapuji and Baa say it happens that they kindly chief and agony mother. Kinjal says she won’t ever rehash her slip-up and inquires as to whether she does as such. Baa says its sitar and not guitar. Anu says understanding a misstep and saying ‘sorry’ isn’t simple and Kinjal did both. Samar likewise apologizes Kinjal. Kinjal says he should help her in show. Pakhi says she will get ready ppt, Toshu says he will help in monetary angles, Baa says she won’t upset them, Bapuji says he wil have just 1 gulab work. Everybody chuckle. Vanraj with Kavya gets back and seeing family glad discloses to her that god gave her a particularly pleasant family, she ought to think about them as darlings and receive love consequently. He joins family. Kavya gets desirous seeing that. Read More……….