Anupama 2 February 2021 Written Update


Anupama reveals to Kinjal that she doesn’t care for large numbers of the things in Vanraj, yet she didn’t perceive any persevering individual like him. She discloses to her not to stress over home and give full devotion to her work.

A staff part gives a letter to Vanraj saying Mr. Patel gave. Kinjal shows her seat to Anupama and says it’s simply not a seat, it’s a force, an accomplishment. She requests that Anupama sit on the seat. Anupama delays. Kinjal says in the event that she sits, at that point it will be fortunate for her. She demands a great deal and makes Anupama sit. Anupama gets enthusiastic. Kinjal says regularly men stay there, yet it’s a lady in light of whom they can sit on that seat. A lady forfeits everything she could ever want to be a housewife. Much the same as how workplaces have a major seat for supervisors, each home ought to have a major seat for moms. Kinjalrequests that she sit serenely. Anupama feels extremely cheerful.


Vanraj enters and is stunned. Anupama’s grin vanishes seeing him. He says, how could you to sit on my seat, in my lodge. Wasn’t assuming control over my home enough that you are attempting to assume control over his office now?


What do you need? Why both saas-bahu are making my life hellfire? Anupama says she didn’t have any acquaintance with it was his lodge. He asks how might she know! She was never proficient enough that he would carry her to his office and show it to her. Kinjal discloses to him not to make scene. He says it’s them making the scene. Kavya comes and incites Vanraj that it wasn’t simple an incident that he lost employment and Kinjal found a new line of work in a similar office. Anupama isn’t similarly extraordinary as individuals might suspect. Vanraj concurs saying he’s stunned. He didn’t see such symbol of Anupama in most recent 25 years. First she sat on the seat and now she’s acting she doesn’t have a clue.

His name is plainly composed on the entryway. He checks and name plate is covered with white paper. A peon comes and eliminates the white paper, at that point takes out the name plate and it falls on the floor. He replaces it with Kinjal’s name. Vanraj is humiliated. He takes a gander at Anupama. Anupama gets his name plate from the floor and says, on the off chance that you make a scene, at that point you will end up being a scene. After that regardless of how high his name plate is put, his name will consistently be on floor. She gives his name plate to him, however he doesn’t take it. She says she was tragic in light of the fact that he lost his employment.


However, she isn’t answerable for him losing the employment. He calls her uninformed, not proficient enough to go to the workplace, and he believes that she got him out of his work and put Kinjal on his place? It was his destiny that he lost employment and Kinjal landed position in view of her capacity and capability. Kinjal says and Anupama didn’t come there, she brought her. Vanraj inquires as to why? She says since she’s her rabbit’s foot.

She can go to her lodge whenever and sit on her seat also. She says he more likely than not accompany some work, he can proceed. He opens a cabinet and takes out family photograph. Anupama says first she wasn’t in family photograph and now she won’t be in his destiny by the same token. He says in spite of saying she’s not there, she continues to come in his life. He at that point wants Kinjal to enjoy all that life has to offer. Anupama gets back. Baa says, great. Jhilmill has begun disturbing her as of now. Jhilmill says Baa isn’t letting her work calmly.


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