Ann re-visitations of kitchen crying. Baa strolls in and saying ‘sorry’ her solicitations in the event that she can excuse Vanraj for his wrongdoings, she can’t see her home break, Anu can hold the family together on the off chance that she needs, she addressed Vanraj and he is prepared to leave Kavya. She thinks back Vanraj inquiring as to whether he will get the regard like previously, will Anupama concur. Baa inquires as to whether she concurs. Vanraj says she ought to persuade Anu and he is certain she won’t. Baa proceeds with that Vanraj won’t break his mom’s guarantee and will patch his methodologies, no one but Anu can hold the family together, what will she do when she will be distant from everyone else after kids settle down. Anu thinks back Vanraj’s double-crossing and says she can forfeit for her, yet can’t excuse Vanraj. Baa approaches her to attempt at any rate for her excess life. Anu thinks back Vanraj romancing Kavya on her own bed and says its an issue of simply a second and not entire life, she can’t excuse a man who sold out his better half on their bed, she can’t fail to remember that second, so she can’t pardon him. Vanraj strolls with his pack and says he disclosed to Baa that Anu won’t concur as she is the proprietor of this house. Baa follows Vanraj and solicitations him not to go. Vanraj says everybody are disillusioned in this house and don’t have any desire to see his face, so he is going out to remain with Kavya and after lawful customs he will wed Kavya. Anu stops him and inquires as to whether he is discussing divorce. He says yes. She thinks back his treachery again and, saying ‘sorry’ Baa and Bapuji for uncovering what is in her heart, asks Vanraj to send legal documents and she will sign them; says relationship is on paper for him, yet for her its in heart and when she previously separated from him by heart, marking on papers doesn’t make a difference.

Precap: Anu reveals to Vanraj that she is irate for some unacceptable he did and thank you for his help towards family till now. Vanraj says Bapuji gave her home, however in what capacity will she run the house without him.