Today’s episode begins with Summer which wishes Mama a happy new year. Nandni also arrives there and starts wishing the cheerful. She says that she says she is in love with a yoga match. Samar says that as an assistant too, Vanraj comes there and scolds Anupama for wearing shoes under a sari. He says that you can fall anytime. Summer says that there is no harm in falling down because if someone falls on the ground, then he can stand again but if he falls in the eyes of someone, do not stand again. so may. Anupama says that no one should be afraid of falling. Cheerful also goes to do yoga with Nandini and Samar.

Further how Nandini gives Anupama to close her eyes and asks to spend some time by herself, Anupama closes her eyes and starts to remember the moment of Manraj and Kavya. She starts breathing heavily and Nandini calms her and asks Anupama that she is showing that she is helpless but I am hurt inside. Anupama tells her that she will try to fix it from the future. Nandini inspires Anupama.

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Next Anupama and Samar leave for home and meet Mandla, Anupama starts telling Mandla that she is good. You celebrated your birthday well. And Anupama says that I used to consider Kavya as my friend.

Rakhi tells everyone that I am going out of town for some work. Later she sees Kavya and Manraj together and decides to reveal the exposed to Shah. Kavya starts enjoying time with Manraj, where Anupama goes to her room and remembers her moments with Manraj. It starts thinking that girls are taught to build someone else’s house but no one asks what to do when that house gets separated for them.