Anupama 19 September 2020 Written Update

In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that Anupama tells her mother-in-law that all the cans are packed, then on the other hand you see that Kavya is making a video call to Vanraj when suddenly Nandni comes from behind and hugs Kavya When she calls, Kavya’s phone falls down. Vanraj is very nervous when he is on a video call and he says that it is good that he fell down. If he had known, many questions would have arisen on the other side. Nandi asks Kavya about her well being and she says how it all happened, Kavya says that I am all right, then you see after some time that Kavya gets Anirudh’s call when Kavya picks up this phone So she tells Anirudh that why you are disturbing me again and again, tomorrow’s quarrel is no less for you. Is that why Anirudh says that I was going to ask you where you are going to be saved or not, then only request Does that I have come to know from the voices coming back that you are with your boyfriend only when the request says that I have just confirmed this to you I have called for that I am going out of the house for a few days. As before, you have left your key here, I am going to put it in the pot and you pick it up from there when Kavya hears that Anirudh is here She is very happy when she is going through, then Anupam comes there and Kavya sends an audio message to Vanraj before that and they tell her that the protest is going out for a few days at lunch time in our house. We will come together there only when Anupama was there and she gives four to Kavya and says that you charge your phone and I get scared when I say that I am going home now because Anirudh says something. Going out for days, then Anupama says that after a few days if she comes there, what will you do again Anupama says that you will not go anywhere, you bring your luggage here, you stay here till all this If the solvent does not happen, then Kavya says that no, I am fine at home there, then Anupama says that otherwise I will stay here, how can you stay there alone? And then Anupama says that even your boss will not have time that I will be able to come to the office because there is a show engagement in the house and there will be a lot of work in the house, so I will not be able to come to the office when Kavya hears this, then she will immediately She says that she brings her own or the same only when Kavya goes to her house to take the same when she goes to her house, she also calls Vanraj there and you see that I have embraced each other today and Kaal. Every office would have been asking Badnera why we could not show our relationship to the world and both of them were talking to each other and hugged each other when the request comes and there He clicks the photo of both of them and he tells Kavya that I knew that when you hear that I am going from here for a few days, you will definitely come here with Manraj only when Vanraj is all this Seeing it, he gets angry on the request and grabs it with the collar of the shirt, then Anirudh says that if you make this mistake, this pick will go to your friend This is her number and your son’s marriage will be broken right now, anyway, he is not happy with the relationship at all. He will get a very big reason to stop breaking this relationship only if you do that then no one will be worse than me. You see that Kavya and Monkey start blackmailing both about Anirudh Speak today, but at the behest of Anirudh Kavya, he does not send a pic to Toshi’s breath but he does not even delete this photo and he tells Vanraj and Kavya that I may need it anytime and he goes away from there, on the other hand you see that everyone in the house is very happy and he is preparing for the engagement of the same, called the person in the house. Happens and all the women are looking at the saris, Anupama is working in the kitchen and she comes out and starts making laddoos, when Samar and Nandani come there and show them to their mother, by picking up some saris and sending a pic to their father And she says that mother, if you wear your husband’s sari now, then Anupama Sharma goes to hear this way, today’s app Code ends here

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that Anirudh, who has clicked on both his poetry and Manraj’s phone, sends it to the phone of all the family members of Vanraj and all are surprised to see their phones. Everything will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode