Anupama 19 October 2020 Written Updates

In today’s episode Anupama will show you that Anupama and Manraj’s wedding rituals are happening in the house. On the other hand, let’s see that Kavya is coming back from the temple and she thinks about going straight to 1raj’s house. It is like seeing that Anupama’s Anand Karaj is happening in the house, when the pandit says who will perform the ritual of Nand Kars, then Anupama’s father-in-law says that I will do this ritual and my wife Leela will do it only then See, both Anupama’s father-in-law and mother-in-law enjoy Anupama’s joy and Anupama is very happy to see Arun’s maternal uncle’s nand starts saying that Anupama you are very happy that your Anand Karaj is in-laws

In this way we see that when the ritual of Anand Karaj ends, then if you feel the presence of Kavya again and again today, from the other side, you see that Kavya is also thinking about coming to Manraj’s house. Then the taximan says that you have to go ahead on foot. Updated that Kavya walks on foot towards Raj’s house. On the other hand when Nandani gives her phone, she gives him a missed call of too much request and I give her When she calls or tells detention that Kavya has left from here and is going to go directly to Raj’s house at 23:00, so tell me everything before you come to Anubhava and I get nervous after listening to Nandini. She tells everything to Shiva and tells him that you do not worry, I will not be able to do anything and neither will I come here, only then there comes dry Anu Nandani woman, Osho feels that she has come to know but I She came to take charge there

This Radhe Kya’s fresh is looking at the gate again and again and she is very upset when there comes summer to her and they tell her why I am so upset and he is telling her that you are more In the morning, when both brothers are upset, then tell me straight away, this thing is to break the letter from my mother, then a Nandini says that I am upset because of my mother, then Samar says that you swear to me. So Nandini would say that yes, I swear that you are upset because of your aunt, then Samar gets comforted, then after some time you see that work reaches there and then Leela tells him that you have come so soon and soon You had to come, you see that when it fails, Kavya reaches there and she goes to show the mangalsutra to Anupama and says that today I was married too so I came late but not everyone is so happy They said that my boyfriend did not come to marry me, now Anupama asks the paper,

Anupama 20 October 2020 Written Updates

Who were you going to marry, then you see what with whom It is known in the house that Karya was going to marry Vanraj, all those words get frightened, then Kavya tells Anupama that I was going to marry the person whom you are marrying now, your husband has put Mangalasutra around my neck. Anupama becomes fond of listening to this promised and thus ends today’s episode