Anupama sees all the enhancements and is exceptionally upbeat. Vanraj asks her won’t she ask what he wanted? She says yes? He says he requested another opportunity. He grasps her hand and says presently he’s asking her briefly possibility. He realizes it’s difficult to trust again once somebody breaks your trust, however he has consistently seen her fixing broken things. He needs to do likewise. He needs to attempt to revamp their trust, their home, and their relationship. She pulls her hand back and asks what are you saying? For what reason would you say you are stating? There’s no point. He says sorry for all that he did.

She gets enthusiastic and discloses to him not to do like that. He says he realizes she doesn’t adore him, however he cherishes her – it required some investment for him to acknowledge, yet he has begun adoring her. In most recent 25 years, he attempted a ton to adore her, however he was unable to do it. He cherishes her presently like how she used to adore him. He needs to live for her, with her. She has tears. He finds out if she will allow him to correct his missteps. Regardless of whether she will have a fresh start with him. Individuals love first, at that point wed. He originally wedded, at that point committed numerous errors, however now following 25 years, he needs to cherish her. He again says, I love you, Anupama. He isn’t requesting that she fail to remember everything and pardon him. He simply needs to realize whether there’s still some space in her heart for him. She says, there is (space). Both have extraordinary eye lock. She says you can shroud 25 years fellowship, 25 years love, yet can’t dispense with. She would not like to see his face, yet that day, when mishap occurred and everybody removed him from vehicle, that day she saw immediately that relationship that she made actually exists in herextremely upset. He asks she actually focuses on him? She says she shouldn’t be minding after what he did, yet she cares very much. He says thank you to such an extent. He hurt her a ton and says sorry. The two of them embrace. Murmur Hai Tum Se Pyaar Itna… melody plays. She says she is confiding in him with a ton of expectations. He won’t break her trust, isn’t that so? He says, never. The two of them take a gander at one another and grin. Toshu accompanies frozen yogurt and Vanraj’s creative mind reaches end.

Toshu says it’s their family custom to eat frozen yogurt on kite day. He takes Anupama and gives her frozen yogurt.

In evening, Vanraj reviews his creative mind and chooses to communicate his sentiments to Anupama tomorrow. Kavya sees her telephone and says disregard seeing her, he didn’t call her.

In morning, Anupama is taking care of her job. Vanraj watches her. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa… tune plays. He says Anu..pama. She inquires as to why he emerged from his room. She was sending tea. He bumbles with his words. Simple Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai tune plays on radio. She inquires as to whether he needs to state something. He attempts to state, however Samar comes and discloses to Anupama that she needs to go to class. Baa messes with her to snooze school as it were. Anupama says she arranged breakfast as of now. Kinjal will serve everybody. She woke up early today. Samar requests that Anupama hustle as his bicycle stalled and she should go in an auto. Vanraj says his vehicle returned from fix the previous evening. He (Samar) can drop Anupama in vehicle. There is a little interruption. Samar takes Anupama.

Nandini carries juice to Kavya. She says she gained from Anupama that relationship stays on its place notwithstanding botches. She didn’t ask yesterday on the grounds that Kavya wasn’t feeling fine, yet today she will inquire. Is all that she’s doing justified, despite any trouble? Individual who can leave Anupama can likewise leave Kavya. She has just seen a secret. She continued holding up in mandir other day in her marriage dress. Nandini requests that Kavya comprehend before it’s past the point of no return.

Anupama trains Kinjal to deal with everything. Kinjal advises her to unwind, she will oversee. Anupama is going to leave when Baa yells since clothes washer quit working. Anupama goes there. Kinjal calls her mother. Samar says they will purchase another machine. Baa says machines are so costly. Anupama says they will sort it out. Up to that point she will wash garments by hand. Samar requests that she hustle. Kinjal wants Anupama to enjoy all that life has to offer. Kinjal’s mother hears everything and chooses to go to Vanraj’s home and make a scene.

Kinjal awakens Toshu. He gets sentimental with her. She says she has bunches of work. Samar gives a blessing to Nandini. She asks what for? He says in kinship, you needn’t bother with motivation to give endowments. She opens and it’s a book. She discloses to him that he realizes she doesn’t care to peruse. He says even he doesn’t care to peruse, however everybody should peruse that book. She asks what’s so uncommon in that book. He says how to remain upbeat. She inquires as to why he imagines that she needs that book? He says he needs her to fail to remember her past and proceed onward and have a glad life.