Anupama 19 February 2021 Written Update

Anupama while getting ready breakfast with Nandini says she is attempting to call Pakhi since the previous evening, yet her telephone is turned off. Nandini says her battery telephone’s more likely than not depleted, she probably observed Vanraj’s birthday and should be resting now. Anu says she is correct. Vanraj gets back from sanctuary and offers prasad to Kavya. He sees Pakhi missing from her bed and asks Kavya where did she go. Kavya says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He says she ought to have dealt with her. Kavya says on the off chance that she ought to have taken wash keeping entryway open, if its her concern if his girl went out without illuminating. He says its waste conversing with her. She says he shouldn’t at that point. He calls Pakhi and gets more concerned seeing her telephone off. She says she was quiet since the previous evening. He inquires as to whether she chided

her. She says no. He says she didn’t wish him glad birthday the previous evening, he doesn’t have her companions’ numbers, and so on She proposes him to call Anu. He calls Anu who picks call thinking its Pakhi. He says its him. She wishes him cheerful birthday and inquires as to whether Sweety is fine, her telephone is turned off and she didn’t talk since yesterday, on the off chance that he can allow her to address him, in the event that she is at home, and so on He says she isn’t at home and he doesn’t have a clue where she has gone. Concerned Anu says she will check with her companions and requests that he check around till at that point. He concurs. Pakhi strolls on road thinks back Kavya’s harsh words, Vanraj admonishing her, and so on Vanraj, Kavya, Anu, and Nandini settle on decisions to no end. Vanraj says he will return home. Kavya asks what will he do there. He inquires as to whether she discovers Pakhi’s information and leaves. Kavya vapor mumbling she is a dolt to disappear on this day. Anu requests that Nandini handle kitchen while she checks at Pakhi’s closest companion’s home in next path and leaves house when she sees Pakhi entering, embraces her truism she was extremely strained, and inquires as to for what reason did she come without educating daddy. She says father and best pal get upset with her quality and strolls in. Anu considers Vanraj and advising him that Pakhi returned home inquires as to whether something occurred there that Pakhi is upset. He says he will return home and speak.Family brightens home for Vanraj’s birthday. Baa requests that Toshu call panditji for pooja. Mamaji jokes obviously. Pakhi enters. They all get h cheerful seeing her. Baa asks when did she come, on the off chance that she accompanied father. Pakhi says she came alone. Bapuji asks so early? Kinjal embraces her and says great she came. Mamaji inquires as to for what reason did she come without Vanraj. Kinjal says she shouldn’t come alone early morning. Pakhi hollers on the off chance that she is desirous, this is additionally her home. Baa inquires as to why she is blowing up on her bhabhi, she has figured out how to contend being with maide ki katori. Pakhi strolls to her room.


Toshu asks what befallen her. Baa says maide ki katori probably accomplished something. Anu says she will go and check.Vanraj drives towards home feeling remorseful for harming Pakhi. Kavya calls and inquires as to whether he got Pakhi’s data. He says Pakhi got back. She shouts that Pakhi ought to have educated them, they were so harmed, she is presumptuous and flippant. He says Pakhi is harmed due to her. She hollers on the off chance that she is answerable for any issue in his home. He says she hurt Pakhi with her severe words, Pakhi had come to them blowing up on her mother, however Kavya made her awkward. She asks truly? He says he was unable to deal with Pakhi for 2 days while Anu is taking care of house, kids, work and him since 25 years; he is going to Pakhi anways. She thinks its better if Pakhi doesn’t return as she will upset their security again.Anu strolls to Pakhi and says she carried her exceptional cold espresso with marshmallows. Pakhi tastes it. Anu asks how is it as she set it up first time. Pakhi says exceptionally decent. Anu thanks god and giggling says she is resembling her dad with her milk mustache. Pakhi snickers and afterward genuinely embraces her and cries


. In parlor, Mamaji asks Baa not to stress as Pakhi will support bahu . Bapuji says bahu will reassure Pakhi. Mamaji says I know, mane recollect che and inquires as to whether Pakhi is furious on bahu. Baa says when youngsters are harmed, they get back to mother. Cart inquires as to for what reason did she get back, if something occurred. Baa says they will know when Vanraj comes. Anu asks Pakhi for what valid reason did she tell that her daddy and Kavya are upset in light of her. Pakhi says she would not like to meander among here and Kavya’s home after her and father’s separation. Anu says she knows its troublesome. Pakhi inquires as to why she is doing this at that point. Anu says for her, when a couple hearts isolated and stay together, their battle will consume entire day to day life consumes, its better to remain with broken house than consumed house.

Pakhi asks after separation if dad gets back home in the wake of wedding Kavya, will Anu stay in her mom’s home; Anu will get a house, however I will meander from this house to her home; she battles with mummy, yet she misses her, she needs both dad and mummy as no one can have their spot; amigo can’t be mummy and she needs just her mummy. Anu says she has both mummy and dad, however they will live independently, they will stand joined for youngsters; Pakhi is their life and she shouldn’t feel alone. She squirms and requests to complete espresso or probably it will get cold. Pakhi says its generally chilly espresso, she is sweet and best. Anu spoils her and requests that she wash and prepare for father’s birthday. Pakhi thinks dad has diverse arrangement.


Vanraj enters home. Baa welcomes him and gets passionate. Vanraj inquires as to why she cries consistently. Bapuji jokes when he was unable to get her, how might her child get her. Sanjay, Dolly, Toshu and others wish him cheerful birthday. He gets some information about Samar. Toshu says he has gone to Mumbai for dance workshop. Baa says he found a decent line of work in dance school. Vanraj says he is glad seeing his youngsters advancing throughout everyday life and gets some information about Pakhi. Baa says she is in her room and looks pitiful, if something occurred. Vanraj says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and will discover. Pakhi strolls in hall when Kinjal stops her and says she truly doesn’t have the foggiest idea what issue she has with her, she shouldn’t think she has issue with her coming here. Pakhi answers that is on the grounds that she will return as she doesn’t care for her remaining here. Kinjal says don’t she think she is going too far. Pakhi says truth is in every case harsh, she gathers mummy’s adoration and all consideration in her nonattendance and she becomes girl from girl in-law.

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