Anupama 18th February 2021 Written Update


Kavya begins sincerely coercing Vanraj and crying. Vanraj concerned inquires as to for what reason is she crying, what did he say. She says she talked a ton without talking, each year he praises birthday with family and lets her be. He says he won’t ever let her be as he adores her.

She says she is only his affection and not need. He says on the off chance that she was not his need, in the event that he was remaining with her leaving his family; he said a final farewell to Anupama and not family actually has directly on him. She gets some information about her right. Kinjal educates Baa that she has a conference at a retreat and entire family needs to go with her. Baa says resort sometimes falls short for their family. Kinjal says its essential. Anu asks when they need to go to resort. Kinjal says tomorrow. Baa says not tomorrow as its sasur Vanraj’s


birthday tomorrow and she has masterminded pooja, so Toshu and Kinjal needs to sit in pooja. Kinjal inquires as to why she masterminded pooja at our home. Baa says when they are praising birthday here, will she keep pooja in Japan. Anu says like each year, they will observe Vanraj’s birthday here. Kinjal inquires as to whether she approves of it.


Anu says yes as she doesn’t reserve a privilege to talk among mother and child. Kavya proceeds with her passionate shakedown and reveals to Vanraj that he is worried about his kids and family consistently, he should focus towards her additionally and she is praising birthday for his bliss; he doesn’t send Pakhi home, so he denies her authorization and consistently disregards her. Vanraj comforts her. Pakhi watches that and thinks if daddy will send her home for Bestie, neithr of her folks love her. Kavya argues Vanraj to allow her one day and praise birthday with his family next day.Baa demands Kinjal to disappear tomorrow to sit in pooja. Kinjal says she can’t. Anu clarifies that work is a duty and Kinjal can’t disregard it.

Baa asks then for what reason did Toshu accept a leave from position tomorrow. Kinjal says Toshu works in her mother’s training instiute and is in a real sense its damad/SIL, so he can disappear whenever. Toshu enters and asks till when he will be insulted for his work. Kinjal says she isn’t provoking him. He inquires as to for what reason don’t she attempt to withdraw for father’s birthday. Kinjal says she is an undertaking head and its significant for her to go. Baa keeps on demanding. Kinjal says she can’t and will call daddy and wish tomorrow, that is it. She leaves. Baa says if Kinju infant will resort, even maide ki katori Kavya will go, so her child will be distant from everyone else. Anu thinks if Kavya is going, even Vanraj may go.Kinju packs her garments.


Toshu embraces her and says he realizes she is not kidding in regards to work and doesn’t blend individual and expert life, yet very rarely she should withdraw for him, they will perform pooja in the first part of the day and will go to take present for daddy after that and praise birthday with entire family, he will not feel great without her, they battled a ton and let us start once again. Kinjal says even she is worn out on these battles. He says then she ought to concur. She asks what did he present mummy, he even failed to remember her birthday. He says there is no association between these 2 issues.

She says she is seeing is so energized in regards to dad’s birthday, its acceptable that he adores his dad as even she does, yet she doesn’t separate between her folks; they disregard one individual’s penance in this house and applause other, she doesn’t care for seeing this twofold norm and doesn’t want to disappear. He asks that implies she won’t disappear at that point. She says she isn’t separating among mummy and dad, yet can perceive how family disregards mummy and don’t recall her birthday while mummy considers everybody, so she will consider mummy; sorry she can’t disappear, yet will go with him to purchase present in the event that he needs. He thinks mummy made Kinjal like her.Samar video calls Anu and says he misses her and its the first occasion when he has disappeared from her. She cries saying even she is missing him and asks when will he return. He says 7-8 days. She asks 7 or 8 days as it has an effect and she can cry 1 day less. She at that point asks how is Mumbai, on the off chance that he saw something. Everything is acceptable, however he doesn’t have her there. She cries once more.


He says mummy’s eyes implies tear tanks; he says he heard Mr. Shah is commending his birthday at home, in the event that he was there, he would have taken her out some place and not let her face him. His companion calls him for supper and he leaves. Anu thinks back wishing Vanraj upbeat birthay at 12 precisely while he is snoozing and he in rest mumbles that Kavya introduction is tomorrow. She thinks he is mumbling even in rest, she adores him. He turns, she embraces him from behind. Out of flashback, she thinks words finish yet not recollections, tallies and at 12 wishes him cheerful birthday and a glad existence with Kavya. She figures her Sweety would be exceptionally glad as its her father’s birthday.He depicts her said story.

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