In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when Kavya comes to Vanraj’s house, Anupama tells her that you do not need to panic at all, now you can stay here, then on hearing this, Anupama’s mother-in-law gets very angry. And she starts calling Anupama a bad thing only when Anupama says that there is no one in this city other than Baa Kavya, so if we do not help her then who will do it? Then Anupama asks Kavya to stay in Pakhi’s room, then Kavya Pakhi. Let’s go to Pakhi’s room, this way you see that Vanraj is also very upset about this, on the other side Anupama goes to Kavya and tells her that it doesn’t need you to panic any longer. Will you stay here even if you talk about leaving from here, then I will not let you go, Kavya says thank you very much, I did not feel so safe anywhere else as if I am doing here, then Kavya will again and again Anupama Let’s thank her in such a way that it is that when it is morning, Anupama’s mother-in-law tells her brother that she is a rickshaw If you bring the person to call, bring Anupama, then bring Anupama, then bring Anupama, then bring Anupama, then Anupama says that where are you going, her breath says that I am not going anywhere. Sitting but sending it, Anupama says that what you are doing is very sad, then her breath says, so what should we do, she is unhappy, so why do you keep thinking about burning your house on your own You do not become so great that you do not become so great that you do not become that you do not want to ruin your house because of others, when Anupama says with her breath that she says that Vanaraja forms of poetry When I go to talk to her, her mother-in-law becomes more angry and she says that she cannot sit here and talk with us, then Anupama says that she might have trouble talking here.

Ekra sees that his breath tries a lot to convince him, but Anupama says that poetry needs our needs right now. On the other hand, we see that when Vanaraja goes in the form of poetry, Kavya embraces him. Kavya asks Kavya, how dare that Aniruddha to touch you, should you take any action now, then I should tell the police, then only Kavya says that no, I cannot tell the police that this will make her future life in secure, then angry. It remains that you are still thinking about that which is with you or you have done so much, then the poem says that I am definitely taking the dividends from her but I do not even want her whole life to be ruined. All I want is that both of us stay together. If you and I have told the police, then it can also happen that if the request tells the police about us, Vanraj says that he has no proof then only you see that poetry says Is that if someone has seen our chat history, then everything will be cleared in it that between you and me What is there, Manraj starts thinking, then you see that Anupama is there with tea, then Anupama says to Kaya that you should tell everything to the police, then only Vanraj says that he does not want to say anything to the police So Anupama says that Manraj says as soon as she wishes that now I should be ready for office, then Kavya says that I will also go with you but Vanraj says that no you stay at home today. Is that what I will do at home, I am also with you, I will go to the office, Toh Anupama says that you do not stay at home today and you will not go anywhere, you see that Kavya agrees but she does not like that I do not work Going after some time you see that Anupama puts breakfast on the table and she says that I have made everything to Kavya’s choice today, Kaya is happy to hear that after some time Kavya gets a call and Anupama tells her It says that your phone was fixed when you came here yesterday, your phone was completely wet so I put it in the rice box I had kept it and it got fixed. My technique came to fruition when Kavya starts praising Anupama when she sees her phone, she gets a call of protest and all the family members are looking at her. When the request calls, Anupama’s mother-in-law tells Kavya that if you do not pick up your husband’s phone, then he will come to where he raised his mouth and make a spectacle here, only then Anupama’s breath alerts him this too While saying that your quarrel between you and your husband should not have any effect on our house, then what does it say that I will not let any problem about it at your house, then Nandani is pointing to Anupama Samar Asks to go to the house only when the ceremony goes to Nandini’s house. When I go here and there, he comes knocking on the door, but is but is, but because of the music loud inside, he cannot hear it. Let us see that Summer goes straight in and see that Nandini sees that Karini sees that Nandini sees that Nandini Classical She is dancing and Samar is left staring at her. After some time when her dance is over, Nandni looks at her and says that she sees her and says how you are here and tells her that she saw the only girl Not that if you entered inside the house, Samar says that it was whether I knocked on the door but you had but you did not give any answer, so I came straight in, Samar says that I asked you something about your aunt If we wanted to talk, Nandni says what to talk about them then Samar says that you come home, I will tell you everything on the way, this is how today’s episode ends.

In tomorrow’s episode you will be shown that when Kavya and Manraj find Anirudh leaving Anirudh’s house, they go into that house and Kavya hugs Vanraj and hugs him. It says that it cannot happen that we stay together forever only when they hug each other, then Anirudh comes there and he is and he takes a picture of the two of them on a phone and he starts saying It is said that I knew for sure that if you guys knew about my departure, then you would definitely come here, so I did this trick with you guys.