Today’s episode begins with Vanraj and Anupama who tell Anupama that she is shoving him away from her family. Because he has a lot of ego. Anupama tells Vanraj that one has to bow down to form a relationship. Vanraj tells Anupama that your hunk has increased a lot. Anupama tells them to go down as all the family are waiting for her. Vanraj starts telling Anupama that whenever I come in front of you, I get scared and say that she never gets scared. Vanraj comes down and apologizes to the family. Anupama remembers her last 25 years with Manraj and accuses him of fooling everyone. Anupama says that he can think whatever he wants, Muniraj is about to raise his hand on Anupama that she stops him by holding his hand and warns that the one who raises his hand on the woman is not entitled to the offerings of God . Vanraj is shocked.

Later Anupama appears in tears. She goes to Shah and starts the Diwali mall. Leela and Cheerful say that this festival is incomplete without Vanraj. All the family remembers the last moments when they used to make the assembled Diwali.

The next morning starts with Kavya and gets a bouquet. She starts thinking that Vanraj must have sent it to apologize to her. Kavya sees Anirudh’s name on the card and throws away that bouquet. She thinks that 2 days have passed since my birthday and she will celebrate her birthday with Anirudh.

The second and cheerful Anupama wishes Leela. Leela asks about Vanraj Raj Babbar comes and cheerful asks him why I am not celebrating Diwali festival with him. Manraj makes an excuse. Apart from this, Leela tells Anupama that you touch your Vanraj’s feet and also asks them to wish the New Year. Manraj starts smiling and when Anupama bends down to touch her feet, she touches the floor nearby while not touching her feet. Vanraj is shocked.

Later you will see that Vanraj starts apologizing to Kalia. Kavya asks Vanraj that she is alright. Today says that this year’s Diwali was the worst Diwali of her life and Kavya asks her what has happened. Vanraj says that I am feeling very lonely on her birthday. He goes with her to the restaurant to celebrate. Nand Raj informs the family that he is going to the city for work. Cheerful asks him if health will also be with him, he says that he is going alone and Anupama starts smiling.

On the other hand, Kinjal complains about Rakhi not to wish Shah Rakhi says that she is wishing for Manraj as he is going to meet with her in Kavya’s building. The second and cheerful Anupama begins to explain the importance of acting. Anupama also supports Hasmukh.

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