Anupama 18 March 2021 Written Update


The present scene begins with Anupama going into her room. She see family picture and cries. Anupama embraces the casing and gathers her sack. Kavya remains outside Anupama’s room and smile. Anupama come and Kavya says to her that Vanraj is furious yet he never requested that she take off from the house. She adds she realize it is hard for the two of them to remain under same rooftop however she is feeling terrible that she is going out.

Kavya ask Anupama not to stress as she will assume control over the house and will deal with the family as sometime she needs to do that. Anupama says to Kavya she said it right that she needs to deal with the family. Kavya inquires as to whether she has taken the choice of going out than prior to leaving she should clear to all that it is her choice and neither she nor Vanraj constrained her. Anupama says to Kavya she will do it. Kavya embraces Anupama and smile.


Ahead, Anupama accumulates Shah’s. All ask whose sack it is. Kavya advises to Vanraj, sack has a place with Anupama yet she didn’t said anything to her. Anupama uncover that sack have a place with her and she is going out.


Vanraj gets enraged and says he is taken care of up of Anupama’s integrity. He adds the person who needs to leave go dislike Anupama who is assembling all and advising. Vanraj says Anupama can just say however won’t leave. Anupama gets resolved to leave. Vanrja leave the spot. Kavya think why Anupama isn’t leaving. She say goodbye to Anupama.

Anupama cautions Shah’s and says none will stop her and give her guarantee. Samar, Paritosh and Kinjal says they will leave as well. Anupama stops them and says she is exactly at close by place and will come at whatever point they will require them. Leela, Hasmuk and Dolly also request that Anupama stay back. Anupama gets resolute. Hasmuk stands firm for Anupama and says none will stop her for what it’s worth for her self esteem. He request Paritosh to drop Anupama.


Vanraj inquire as to whether Anupama left. Kavya says she is prepared to leave. Vanraj gets stagger and inquire as to whether Anupama will truly leave. Kavya stands stunned. Read more…….


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