Today’s episode begins with Anupama and Summer who lift Anupama up in her arms and dance with her. Shah asks him the reason for his happiness. Samar tells them that Anupama has received her first pay check. Leela Cheerful and others congratulate Anupama. Manraj gets upset by this news, similarly he attends Kaal from a boss and starts thinking that he will get the bonus of Diwali. The boss scolds Vanraj for his bad behavior and cancels his bonus and gets upset.

When Vanraj sees Anupama, he starts talking with her. Anupama asks him that he has got everything from you, so why is he upset. When Kalia meets Vanraj, Vanraj is on her
Allegations about ruining the project from its presentation. And he is saying that nothing is going right in my life now. Kavya remembers her last moments with Muniraj.

Everyone is looking for Vanraj at home, Dolly asks Anupama where is Vanraj where Anupama says that he has gone to meet someone. Seeing Rudra somewhere, Leela starts asking Anupama why she did not ask Vanraj that he is going to work.

On the other hand, when the security boy meets Vanraj, he calls him Happy Diwali and Manraj is a 50 rupee leader. The boss asks Vanraj to give him more money.

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Meanwhile, all the householders try to reach Manraj but are unsuccessful, Leela says that she is unable to understand whether she will be able to complete the worship of the latter this year.

Vanraj sees the phones from the house and goes home. He is surprised that the number mother is worshiping in the middle of the house. Leela says that she is afraid every year she worships, but why Anupama is doing the favor now, saying that Manraj is now in favor of Anupama But there is no reason why Anupama only has to worship. Raj enters the house in anger, Anupama is doing aarti with the family.

Vanraj starts remembering the last moments spent with Anupama Rakhi and Kalia. He destroys all the decorations. Anupama meets Mandla and asks him why he is punishing the family if he is ruling with her. Vanraj says why all the family members could not wait for me for worship. Anupama says that time does not wait for anyone but Vanraj says from the front that the family is his. Anupama says that she takes care of him in every situation. The episode ends.

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