Vanraj strolls way irately saying Anu ought to do anything she desires. Baa attempts to stop him and discloses to Anu that Vanraj is correct, its imperative to confine that nagin/Rakhi, in the event that she can do that, at that point its fine, she will be liable for whatever occurs; she was a spouse, little girl in-law/DIL, mother and now became relative/MIL, thus her obligations expanded four crease. Anu is flabbergasted to hear MIL. Baa says it sounds simple to be MIL, however extremely hard to oversee; she was overseeing between her better half and child and now she needs to oversee between her child and DIL, presently she needs to impart her child to her DIL and her DIL will show her privilege on her child and he will follow his significant other; she needs to endure this as she needs to keep the family joined together; regardless of whether she cherishes her DIL in excess of a girl, she will be called MIL;

indeed, even she had become MIL from a mother and knows this; her child has made her MIL in a flash. Anu grins thinking back advising Kinjal tha tshe needs to be DIL’s companion, Baa’s recommendation, and so on She asks god to hold her hand in new excursion of another relationship, reminds that she needed to turn into a mother than MIL.

Kinjal cries and reveals to Toshu that everybody are vexed as a result of them. Toshu requests that her unwind as they didn’t have some other choice. Pakhi recommends her not to stress as they previously wedded. Samar reveals to Pakhi that she isn’t understanding the reality of issue, yet Kinjal shouldn’t stress as she has her MIL to deal with issues. Anu enters saying maa/mother and not MIL. She thinks kids have committed an error, however she needs to clarify and deal with them as opposed to reproving them right now. She reveals to them that they committed an error, yet what is the utilization in the wake of committing an error; the way they took isn’t simple, however when they have picked it, they have stroll through bearing the obstacles or probably they won’t have the option to arrive at anybody; its simple to break a heart, yet difficult to rejoin it; they need to persuade darlings whom they rankled; they are couple now and not children, couple need to get that if a battle is with themselves, they need to win, yet on the off chance that its with family, they ought to lose; they need to follow all the obligations as a child and DIL; they need to recapture trust of relatives, this as well as Rakhi and Pramod’s; they will be cheerful just if guardians and entire family favors them. The two of them contact her feet. She favors and embraces them inwardly, says she will be consistently with them in all their means, they might be effective or not, however we together will attempt.

Baa vents out her indignation before Bapuji says since Vanraj ventured out from home, she didn’t get out house to disregard neighbor’s inquiries, however Rakhi declared transparently and everybody were recording recordings and would have coursed it, they can’t show their face to anybody now. Bapuji says she is stressed over her poise, they were in major dilemma, great Toshu and Kinjal got back on schedule or, more than likely Anu would have been in prison. Baa says this relationship is irksome since the start. Bapuji says she should deal with the issue as opposed to demonstrating outrage, when she has fallen in a waterway, she needs to master swimming. Baa says her reality is suffocated; she was upset when her bahu came and even now when her’s bahu came; storm has not halted at this point, it will accompany full power, this was only a spout of air.

Rakhi crunches cake to destress herself mumbling she needs to praise her little girl’s marriage; destressing for her methods destroyal, Anupama should sit tight for her assault.

Anu prepaers kheer figuring she will take care of desserts to everybody. Kinjal strolls in calling her mummy. Anu plays out her nazar and says 25 years it was comparable morning and a bahu called her MIL comparative, at that point it was her and now its Kinjal; when devi’s new symbol shows up home, they regard it; a devi has entered maa Annapurna’s sanctuary/kitchen, she will regard her with collapsed hands. Kinjal asks what’s happening with she. Anu says she is a sad remnant of maa Annapurna and MIL should salute her once. She takes care of her dry products of the soil in the event that she needs to work or study, she needs to perform custom comparatively; kitchen isn’t her reality, her reality is large with her office, her examinations, her better half, and so on, she ought to follow every duty by heart. Kinjal says she realized she is acceptable, however didn’t realize she is so cool. Anu blessings her bangles as shagun and says she has just this, however vows to blessing her something soon; Baa talented these bangles to her and she is gifting it to Kinjal. Kinjal expresses gratitude toward her and says she can’t be excessively acceptable like her, yet will attempt. Anu spoils her. Baa blows up observing their holding and remarks halwa won’t be sweet with desserts talks however with sugar. Anu asks Kinjal to supplicate god’s photograph first and afterward remaining customs prior to beginning cooking every morning and instructs her to get ready halwa. Kinjal completes the process of getting ready halwa and serves it in dishes. Anu requests that her serve it to Kanhaji/god first and afterward family. Kinjal follows her.

Bapuji strolls to them smelling halwa, yet quits seeing Anu. Anu says today is Kinjal’s first kitchen meeting, so he can have a few. Bapuji takes bowl from Kinjal and gives her shagun. Anu signals Kinjal to serve it to Baa. Baa hollers that prior bahu used to take in cooking from her mom’s home, yet now they just come in without sanskars, Kinjal is following her mom and wearing sleeveless garments. Baa requests that her pardon Kinjal and acknowledge halwa made by her. Baa hollers Kinjal’s mom tossed chillies on them and now she came to serve halwa. She keeps hollering.

Precap: Anu advises Kinjal to apologize Baa and let her and Bapuji support her, she ought to apologize somebody first. Vanraj reveals to Kavya that Toshu and Kinjal think all is well after marriage, yet Rakhi Dave will attempt to break their wedding. Anu takes Kinjal to Rakhi’s home, Pramod welcomes them in, yet Rakhi stops them.