In Anupama Episode, you will be shown that Anupama Kinjal’s ring which gives velila to the wearer in Sikai. But Leela refuses to take her as she has bought this idol by selling her jewelry. Anupama says that Leela usually keeps all the money with her, that is why she has also given her the booty. That is why he had no other intention.

Jayesh opens his wedding diary and see what jewels Leela gave us. I call them all to give back. Leela is shocked to hear this. They say it has been sold to Nayi but Anupama is wrong for it to have bought new jewelry, they say that Leela did it for the happiness of maternal uncles for her own happiness, she leaves.

Nandini asks Samar if everything is fine in her family and says that she has not interfered in her family affairs but wants to know whether Anupama is alright. Samar says that she was right that day, should never get married and whenever he sees Anupama she feels that there is no bigger problem than marriage.

He says that Anupama soon forgets her sorrow and starts caring about the happiness of others, Nandini tries to change the subject and tries to make her maternal uncle happy. Vanraj and Kavya argue with each other. She angrily disconnects the phone.

Vanraj says that I already have so much work pressure. Anupama apologizes to her. I accept my mistake but her intention was not to leave her except Lena. See, he comes home.

In the same way you will see that when Samar opens the door and Jagat Raj opens the poem, there is poetry on the door, everyone is surprised to see the wound of poetry and it is soaked in rain. Kavya goes to Vanraj and hugs him. She says that I will stay in this house now. And similarly, it is said to Anupama that you should handle Kavya.

Anupama asks Kavya what has happened to her. Kavya apologizes to him and says that I should not have come to your house, I should have gone to Nandini’s house. Kavya starts crying and says that she will stay in this house Leela and Vanraj are shocked.

She asks to fetch water and gives it to Kavya. She says that she asked Anirudh to divorce her and she beat me up. And where she left her home. Anupama says not everyone has to worry with you anyway

She asks Pakhi to fetch water and gives it to Kavya. Kavya says that she and Anirudh had an argument regarding divorce and started beating her up as to why she left the house. Anupama says that everyone is together so she does not have to worry. Episode end