Anupama 17 October 2020 Written Update

In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Kavya is waiting for Manraj in the temple, the pundit says after some time that your washing has not come yet, we have to go to worship somewhere else only then you see that Kavya tries to stop the Pandit not to leave but the Pandit says that it is a marriage, it is not a game which cannot be reached on time, so if he had to marry you, by what time would he come? You give that the Pandit leaves from there. Soon after leaving, Kavya receives a message from Manraj that it will be difficult to leave the house for today. Forgive me, Kavya is very fond of reading this message.

She goes on to say that Manraj did not come to marry me today. She seems to have fallen in giddiness, so the request comes from above and she takes care of Kavya, after Kavya senses after some time, she asks the request that you there How does she say that you would not have sent Nandini here, then Anirudh tells Kavya why you are playing this madness.

Anupama 19 October 2020 Written Updates

You have made the wedding a game of dolls and dolls. On the other hand you see that Manraj and Anupama’s marriage is going on in the house. All the people are very happy at the feet and Manraj and Anupama wear each other in the house. Ko mother says that I am very lucky that I got husband and in-laws like you, then you see that Raj also starts praising Anupama, Anupama is very happy to hear that on the other hand you see that Kavya would have been saying request Is that I knew that Manraj will not come today for that you are nothing over his family, why are you messing with your life, I will never leave my family for you.

He also says against Manraj that he is getting married to Anupama for the second time but did not come to do the first marriage except you, only then Kavya is very angry when Anirudh also says that if both Anupama and Manraj If we can make a new beginning of our life again, why can’t we also start a new beginning of our life by getting married again. The request says that even though I am not a good husband but like Manraj, I will never hand you over to you. I will take care of the self-respect as Manraj has ridiculed your self-respect. I will never do this to you. On the other hand all the rituals in the house Anupam and Manraj are getting married.

I am all very happy when dancing is going on in the house, when Manraj thinks about Kavya and says that she does not know what alone she would be doing, she would feel Kavya coming to the doors again and again. And he gets very nervous and in his mind he says that if Kavya comes here in truth then what will happen then I can do it in anger also.

On the other side, we see that Kavya comes down from the temple without answering the request and throws her scarf down and she says that Manraj today you did no good with me, today you have to dispose of Kavya and With whom you want to live from the middle of Anupama, today you have to take this decision in front of everyone, then Kavya sits in the taxi saying that detention runs after her but Kavya leaves from there she says that Manraj I am coming to your house Then Anirudh says that I have to tell Nandni about Kavya but Nandini’s phone is on silent and she is not heard because she has gone to Anupama’s house and there is a lot of noise of dancing songs like this. The episode ends here.Mande’s episode is going to be very interesting because on this day Anupama is going to know the whole truth.