Scene starts with Saaransh says to Sunny that the last can’t call Preesha as ” Mumma ” on the grounds that she isn’t his mom. In any case, Sunny won’t listen him saying that he will consider her like that simply because she allowed to him. They battles with one another and Preesha attempts to stop Saaransh. Mishka holds Preesha’s hand and asks her that how might she even think to beat Saaransh. Preesha discloses to her that she just attempted to stop Saaransh that is it.

Saaransh cries and discloses to her that she attempted to beat him. She discloses to him that she simply needed to stop him. He discloses to her that in the event that she can allow to Sunny to call her as ” Mumma ” and she can lay down with Sunny then she can beat him too in light of the fact that she simply adores Sunny and he will not converse with her at that point runs from that point. Mishka follows him.

Rudraksh advises Preesha to not concern in light of the fact that these sort of battles are basic between kids. She says to him that she never saw Saaransh like that. He reveals to her that she said to him that Saaransh feels shaky with Sunny’s appearance so they should give some an ideal opportunity to Saaransh. She says to him that she truly didn’t attempted to beat Saaransh and she was not irate as well but rather stunned seeing him battling that way. He guarantees her expression that Saaransh loves her to such an extent he will get back to her soon.

Afterward, Saaransh acts like laying down with Mishka. Preesha requests that Saaransh get up reasoning he is as yet alert. Mishka requests that Preesha not upset him saying that he is dozing and Preesha leaves from that point. Mishka reassures the crying Saaransh and thinks at last her arrangement likewise working.

Following day, Preesha goes to Mishka’s room and searches Saaransh and Mishka. She look through Saaransh wherever in the house and educates Khurana’s about his vanishing. Preesha and Rudraksh plans to look through Saaransh. Saaransh comes there. Mishka reveals to Khurana’s that she and Saaransh went to sea shore. Rudraksh chides Mishka for not advising anybody. Mishka discloses to him that he is going overboard. Read More……..