Anupama 17 March 2021 Written Update


Rakhi says to Kavya she advantage her circumstance and she will uncover her. Opposite side, Anupama request that Leela and Hasmuk have food. The two denies. Vanraj come and demands Leela and Hasmuk to have food. He says he don’t merit their disdain. Afterward, Leela ask Hasmuk they as of now rebuff Vanraj yet now they should give him his offer.

QKavya figure Vanraj should stick on his choice else they need to take off from the house. She see Anupama. Kavya think she is sorry post her better half now she will grab her home as well. Rakhi identify with Anupama. Here, Kavya incite Vanraj against his family and Anupama.Scroll to Continue. Here, Rakhi inquires as to whether ever she need assistance to discard Kavya than she can call her whenever. Samar attempts to chat with Anupama.


Anupama disregard Samar. Kavya controls Vanraj and request that he assume control over the house. Anupama request that Hasmuk give Vanraj his offer. Vanraj toss Anupama out from the house. Read More…


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