Anupama signs legal documents and requests that Vanraj sign them. He signs them reluctantly. Advocate says they have a half year to think and expectations they alter their perspective. Anu figures she won’t alter her perspective and its better if Vanraj likewise doesn’t adjust his perspective. She welcomes instructor and leaves office, at that point says thank you to Vanraj and attempts to leave. He stops her and says a year ago his companion got a separation and he was telling that he was feeling unusual, he told it is anything but a serious deal, yet today he understood it an extremely serious deal; thinking and telling about isolating is fine, yet when the discover that their many years former relationship will end with simply a mark, hands will not raise by any means; presently marks are done and when relationship is finishing, he needs to say sorry for giving her

torment from interfacing with Kavya to attempting to demonstrate her intellectually temperamental; he inquires as to whether she will excuse him. She requests that he give her mukti/salvation and think she excused him. He says Bapuji was correct that he will not he cheerful in life by harming her heart; until she was with him, he had everything, an upbeat family, name, work, harmony, and so forth, and once she is out of his life, everything left him;

when she used to appeal to God for him, he used to develop; when she used to apply kajal on his sole, he used to grin; when she used to cook.. She says she was there since the start, yet he was absent and was with Kavya even while being with her and when he is with Kavya, he shouldn’t discuss being with her as those completed; on the off chance that he said sorry to her so she doesn’t revile him, he shouldn’t stress as she supplicates god that he and Kavya be cheerful perpetually; she had love for him before and afterward outrage. He says and now… She says now nothing; life doesn’t give another opportunity, yet they got one; he should live for Kavya and she will for liv for herself, he shouldn’t lose this chance.She grins at him and leaves. Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa to Nahi… tune plays out of sight. He sits at a seat and thinks back her causing him in each task and showering her affection for him, yet he disregarding her consistently. Anu thinks back their more joyful minutes, at that point his impolite conduct, his treachery, and so forth The two of them see separate from notice and shed tears. She figures all will be well. He figures when will all be well, in the event that it will or not.

Vanraj gets back to Kavya’s home. Kavya asks what did advocate say, on the off chance that she gave next date. Vanraj says separation will be finished soon. She joyfully embraces him and says they will wed and live cheerfully after that. He says for that she needs to take separate from first. She says she is attempting.

He says it would appear that she is more stressed over his separation and for what reason should he bear the injury alone. She inquires as to whether he feeling awful taking separation from Anu, what is he attempting to say. He says he is simply drained. She requests that he quiet down and says let us celebrate with champagne.