Today’s episode starts with Sanpharma and Vanraj who asks Anupama why she did not return the papers in front of the word. Anupam tells Anand Raj that Hansmukh has given his blessing with the letter and thus he took it. He says that you keep your blessings and return the paper to me. Anupama says that he never took any cleaning from anyone to spend 25 years with him. Sister tells Pamma that you do not have any class to do with me. Anupama tells Vanraj that she is returning him the papers of the house and he asks her to keep it and he takes the papers and burns it and says that I will finish Anupama’s hunk.

On the other hand Leela is saying that we did not transfer the house to Anupama. Jolly tells Leela that it was his right. Leela says that Anupama does not have blood on her, and starts telling cheerful Leela that even she is the same person.

On the other hand, Anupama is ready and starts wearing nice clothes Manraj starts asking Anupama why she is falling in love. Anupama says that she is getting ready for herself. And in the same way, she tells Manraj that if you are going to meet someone, then you go and correct yourself because Manraj’s jacket is not right.

Next, Vanraj goes to meet Kavya and he goes to the square after seeing Anupama in Kavya. And he says why he has dressed as Anupama. Kavya starts fighting her and says that she was so ready for him but all this is of no use. Vanraj hugs Kavya

On the other hand Nandni comes to Anupama and Anupama teaches her to make Rangoli. In order to complete the rangoli from Nandani to watch the film, Kala Tika sees Samar Nandani being made a rangoli and comes to him realizes his love for Nandini.

On the other hand Vanraj tells Kavya that she has got half her property from Anupama and Kavya asks Manraj to give Anupama a full house as she will be left alone after the divorce. But Manraj says that there is a lot of hunk in it, that’s why I will show him to be right. Similarly, Kavya says that you stop taking Anupama’s name in everything. Manraj shows Kavya driving, she tells Manraj that leave me home. Vanraj leaves Kavya at home and Kavya starts crying.

Next you will see that while Vanraj is going in the lift, he meets Rakhi and Rakhi starts beating Viraj and she spills her beans with Kavya. Vanraj tells him not to use his mind too much. Rakhi tells Manraj that if she breaks the alliance with her family, then she will realize that Viraj is shocked to hear this.