Nandini defies Samar that he needed to show flying kite, he ought not just know to ensure it, where is his consideration. He says on her journal’s pages. She asks what? He says nothing. She requests to think prior to stating anything. He envisions hitting the dance floor with her on Dheere Se Tera also, saying her I love you. Nandini sees him hitting the dance floor with a kite and leaves shaking him up. He thinks how to tell that he read what is in her heart in her journal. Vanraj flies kite, and Toshu perks him up. Vanraj at that point sees Kavya remaining behind, and family peruses I love you V and profit home V for kites. Anu flying her kite says now its tot to cut others’ kite and this time Shah family will win the value cash. Vanraj takes a gander at Kavya and strolls to Anu. Anu thinking him as Samar asks to

free some string. She cuts Kavya’s group’s kite saying there is a composed thing in English. Kavya gets desirous seeing that. Anu cuts all the kites and bounces in bliss singing Kai Po Che.. She at that point turns and sees Vanraj remaining behind. Anu at that point sees I love you V and profit home for kites and understands its Kavya’s. She takes kite bobbin from Vanraj and proceeding to fly slips and is going to fall on a table when Vanraj holds her and the two of them fall on floor. Family standing aside state mummy. Anu inquires as to whether he is fine and contacting his shoulder inquires as to whether he is fine. Kavya gets more envious seeing that and cuts her hand with kite string. Nandini races to her stressed and Baa as normal shouts at her.

Vanraj reveals to Anu that he needed to go to Kavya, yet didn’t go. She inquires as to for what reason is he advising this to her. He says he needs to reveal to her something, yet then thinks this time isn’t right and afterward thinks in the event that words are correct, at that point no time isn’t right. He strolls to state.. Kinjal all at once strolls in and tells everybody are calling her and takes Anu along. A kite flies on Vanraj and he peruses please get back V. He strolls again to Anu and inquires as to whether he is fine. Anu says he ought to pose this inquiry to another person.

Nandini take Kavya home and wrapping her physical issue asks what does she get with it, one who enjoys her is called psycho. Kavya inquires as to whether V is drawing nearer to Anupama, who snoozes V’s room, if Samar or Anupama disclosed to her anything, kindly mention to her what’s going on there. Kavya shakes her and says she was reasonable and shrewd, however low has made her crazy. Kavya says love causes one to fail to remember everything, even themselves. Nandini says if an individual can’t adore himself/herself, he/she can’t cherish anybody; on the off chance that she can’t esteem herself, no one will esteem her; and on the off chance that she needs to ask over and over and hurt her sense of pride, it tends to be anything than adoration; she should quit falling in her own eyes and proceed onward. Kavya embraces her and says she can’t proceed onward as she cherishes V and can’t inhale without him, V is just hers and he can’t leave her and return to Anupama.

Shah family gets ready kandeel/light in lawn to fly it in sky. Baa says they fly it consistently during Sankranti evening. Bapuji says Kinjal is from Ahmedabad itself and thinks about it. Baa jokes this age knows nothing and says kandeel flying custom began a couple of years back and when Vanraj was little, they used to light lights; Vanraj used to tell that these lights are so little, how might god see them, so he used to illuminate burn and ask god to satisfy everything he could ever hope for and genuinely he got anything he desired. Bapuji says he had confidence in himself at that point. Baa says on the off chance that they supplicate by heart, they will get anything they desire. Samar surges away to bring Nandini. Kinjal reveals to Toshu that she is fortunate to the point that mummy accomplishes such a great deal for them. Vanraj hearing that mumbles she is correct. Anu hears him. Samar strolls to Nandini and asks what will she wish. She says she didn’t think yet. He requests to wish cautiously and requests that she go with him to fly kandeel. She asks what he needs to wish. He says whatever she wishes.

She asks how can she know her desire. Pakhi calls them to come quick. Entire family flies kandeel and applauds. Baa says neighbor’s kandeel looks less than their kandeel. Bapuji says that is on the grounds that neighbor’s kandeel is far away. Baa says whatever it is, her kandeel should fly high. She asks that this makar sankranti ought to be promising for all and every one of their desires ought to be satisfied aside from Kinjal’s nagin mother and maide ki katori Kavya.