Anupama 16 September 2020 Written Update

In Anupama week you will be shown that Pakhi tells Nandni that Samar was pulling them awkward steps or has been good for her, Jayesh says that the steps that Samar is taking are not like wedding type dance.

You see Pakhi asks Nandni to learn to dance to Samar, Nandini says that I teach her Bollywood free style. Summer says that she is a classical dance, then how will she teach Bollywood. Nandini asks to change the video song because I cannot teach dance on that song.

Paritosh says that the guests are high-class so he would like her in the footsteps. You see Summer dances with her. Anything else happens. You see that Leela calls your jeweler and the jeweler gives them some clues and she stays,

You see Janma reaches home, Rakhi also comes there and starts saying that she has come to see the Conv Hall, and revealing the truth, Pawar says that she got herbs according to her wish. Has Leela and Vanraj get a big shock after listening to them.

Rakhi says that Paritosh told her that he was not ready to buy the diamond ring, but Mama fulfilled his wish and surprised him. She says that she understood why Kinjal always called Anupama the best, but Paritosh is overjoyed to hear this, Rakhi is happy that Anupama is the best breath in the world, which is just our daughter’s is. Anupama starts showing the ring to Vanraj, not thinking of happiness to others, Manraj asks Rakhi to show Pakhi the condition.

Rakhi says that she can go herself why should the rest be disturbed, you see that she gives the ring to Informa and leaves from there, you see that Nandni leaves from there because she thinks that the useless right now Must be tired by In the same way Rakhi starts to feel that maternal uncle should not feel that he will feel bad in front of the other.

You see that they ask Mamaraj that when everything is done as before, you are challenging the ring. He says how he has paid for the embryos. Leela says that Anupama has sold her jewelry. Till now. His jeweler himself has told him.

She says that Anupama did not just listen to her family to satisfy Rakhi, but she has gone against her family, you see that Leela will taunt Anupama, and says that she has sent her jewelry today. Tomorrow he will also sell this house.

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You can see that Vanraj cannot spend money without telling it to anyone. Anupama asks her to listen. I say that you brought the ring as well and those who listen to Rakhi’s taunts also tell you Anupama that Paritosh was depressed, that’s why I brought the ring.

Raj says that Rakhi has used Anupama, Anupama says that she has heard Leela and Doli’s talk, all they have left are the jewels that her mother gave her. Reliance gets shocked after listening to the talk and blames him again for talking like this.

Anupama tells Leela that she was not saying that. Jayesh asks Leela to stop. Vanraj shouts at Anupama. Now see that Leela asks to return her jewelry and she says that you have no right over it. You see that Paritosh will apologize to Anupama and Sage is more for gems. That’s how the week ends,

Anupama 17 September 2020 Written update

In tomorrow’s phase you will be shown that Kavya reaches Manraj’s house at night and hugs Vanraj in front of his family and says that now I will be with you. Seeing all places go to the square.