The Anupama October sixteen episode starts with Anupama sharing her tale with the ladies contributors. She encourages them and talks approximately unity. When Anuj applauds Anupama, she offers credit score to Anuj, Devika and Bapuji. Anuj encourages absolutely each person even as on the alternative hand, Vanraj watches the opposition on his telecellsmartphone.

As the cooking opposition starts, Anuj and Anupama cheer the contributors with a dance performance. Samar reaches the venue in a rush to speak to Anupama. Samar offers Anupama Nandini’s letter and Anupama consoles Samar. Anuj intervenes and shows he must go together with Samar to search for Nandini. Anupama calls Vanraj to tell him approximately Samar and Nandini. However, Vanraj refuses to concentrate to her as he’s engaged in an issue with a vendor.

Anupama update: Anuj facilitates Samar discover Nandini
Samar remembers his reminiscences with Nandini and breaks down. Anuj Kapadia tells him he must now no longer lose hope. He prays to god and leaves to search for Nandini. Bapuji asks Anupama to decide the opposition. Seeing Anupama involved, he asks her approximately Anuj. Anupama lies and says Anuj needed to pass as some thing vital has come up. Anupama tastes each dish and judges the opposition. Devika asks the contestants to look forward to some time as they’ll quickly announce the results.

On the alternative hand, Anuj tells Samar they must tell his own circle of relatives as they want to contain the police. Kavya assessments her social media deal with and sees Rohan on her pal list. She tells Vanraj approximately Rohan and Anupama intervenes. Anupama tells Vanraj approximately Nandini and Samar. As Vanraj calls Samar, Anuj selections his telecellsmartphone and talks to Vanraj. Vanraj receives livid and says he’s going to now no longer assist Samar due to the fact Anuj has already changed him.

Anuj and Samar discover Nandini on their manner home. However, Vanraj and Ba do now no longer concentrate to absolutely each person and crib upon Anuj assisting Samar. Samar and Anuj convey Nandini home. Anupama asks Nandini why she ran away. Nandini tells her that she became involved approximately Samar. She in addition well-knownshows Rohan pressured her to get into his vehicle however she ran away and fainted.

Vanraj yells at Anupama for now no longer informing him approximately Samar and Nandini. Samar intervenes and says he and Nandini requested Anupama now no longer to inform him the truth. Nandini additionally apologises to Vanraj. Samar then hugs Anuj to thank him for assisting him. Anupama receives emotional and thank you Anuj for the whole thing he had performed for her own circle of relatives.