Anupama 16 October 2020 Written Update

Tomorrow will come when Kavya wedding couple reaches the banker temple and calls Manraj that I have reached the temple. You too should get there quickly. When Vanaraja’s coat gets stuck with Anupama’s sari, Vanraj tells

In today’s episode Anupama, you will be shown that when Anupama and Manraj are married, everyone is very happy at home, 1 day before the wedding Pakhi sits in a room with her aunt and Anupama. Anupama comes and he brings juice for everyone, when Anupama comes there, she tells her Narendra Doli that I should eyebrows her and tells Pakhi that I will also put her face pack on Shankar Anupama’s style and her daughter. And the nand starts teasing her and says that you have never done all this before and now you are so happy that you are married, you mother says that she is a pain then I have to change as well, then Anupama tells Doli that you are my She will do eyebrows, neither does she say.

You have asked for something for yourself for the first time, I will definitely see that Anupama is putting on a face pack, so when she goes to her room, she sleeps at night, it is dark in the room, then sleep opens and she Seeing Anupama like this, he gets scared, the health quickly goes to light and says that I am and tells that you had scared me, you had never planted it before, but now how does she say that if you change If you are going, then I have to be either. Let’s see on this side that if the wedding day starts on the next day, then Kavya wears the wedding dress for the wedding, then it is past 7:00 and she messages to you Gets Happy Marriage Day today that if you reach the temple before 8:00 pm, I tell Raj that yes I will reach even then angry angry is done, Anupama would have done a lot of happy pooja in the house.

She also worships in the kitchen, then you see that when I come to my room, Manraj gets ready to go home and starts going from there today when he gets out of the house, she is ahead of Doli’s husband. He comes and says to Vanraj that you have made a new story to Shiva, but I am not a child who cannot understand your advice, I have just seen Kavya in a wedding couple leaving the house and Manraj gets angry when you step back from this house without stepping or else there will be no worse than me.

He comes out, opening the door and says that today no one can stop me from going, then you start running Akshay Uchi Uchi and says that Maa Babuji, you come out soon Manraj see where he is going, otherwise Raj is scared to see this What is this brother doing, then you see that when his mother Babu comes out, he tells Akshay that Vanraj Bhaiya is going to work even today, then you see that angry If the mother strongly refuses to let her go, and likewise Manraj says that I have told Anupama, then her mother says that even if she has told him, she has not told you will not go anywhere outside the house today and she should also know That his marriage is on the other side.

Her husband is also the same and her breath is the same, so I used to walk and walk in this house, then we see that I come inside the angry house and when I go to my room, Anupama sees her and says how do you come back When he goes, Raj says that you have stopped me, then he says that I did not say anything, bringing him to you, he says that I could see clearly in your eyes that you could be trying to stop me. But Pakhi and her mother come there too and they come to take Raj, Paki comes to take his mother.

Then summer and then you say that you should walk out of the room now, the mother has to be ready and you also have to select the dogs what you have to wear today and you carry your father and you select clothes for that day. After a while you see that Pakhi was preparing Anupama’s friend and Pakhi’s aunt Anupama when they ready her, then the rest says, I want to meet Papa before marriage, I just call them and see you K Pakija goes to call Vanraj, then she asks Samar and Doshas that Papa is inside the room.

So he says that Papa had an urgent job, so I come down and then Akshay hears this and he is nervous that Bhaiya has not gone to the temple, he starts looking for the terrified Raj and he calls. You see that 1raj is there only and Akshay Bhaiya is comforted that he has not gone angry but in his mind he says that I will have to keep an eye on Vanraj Bhaiya even if he has not gone but will also go I can only get angry over there and now he is looking at Akshay very angrily. Summer and animals come there and he takes Vanraj from there saying that Papa you must be ready yet Let’s hurry, like you, we see that when Kavya reaches the temple, Mande asks him that your groom has not come yet, we have to go somewhere else to worship.

If you call them here early, it is gone, they call her, then from the front, she makes an angry message that Kavya does not call you again and again, or she says that I am crazy too. She is calling him again and again. He will go and pray that I am very excited that angry is getting married to him, so tell me if today’s episode comes here that I will go anywhere but I will come back to you and this time everything will be shown to you in tomorrow’s episode.

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