The present scene begins with Vanraj saying to Samar when Anupama lost her employment he cried a great deal. At the point when she landed her position back he moved. Vanraj asks than for what reason he don’t have any feeling for him. He adds he prevented him from doing move than he called him stone hearted, he further says he requested that he center around vocation than he labeled him wrong.

Vanraj ask when he prevented him from fouling up than he called him hitler. He inquire as to why his all error is over shadowed yet none can bear his one slip-up. Vanraj says to Samar he was glad when he gave his well deserved cash to Anupama. Yet, as the reality in 8 K he can’t lift his own desires. Shah’s stands stunned. Vanraj says he isn’t a washout and none has a privilege to say the house don’t have a place with him. Anupama apologize to Vanraj for Samar benefit. She says to Vanraj house have a place with him.

Vanraj says to Anupama it is acceptable she said yet now he will say the house just have a place with him. He adds he was going to take off from the house alongside Kavya. In any case, Kavya halted him. Vanraj says Leela’s affection didn’t halted him however Samar’s contempt did it.Vanraj says he don’t trouble who is remaining at the house yet now he isn’t going anyplace even Kavya. He says Vanraj Shah is back. Vanraj leave the spot. Shah’s as well. Samar embraces Paritosh and Kinjal uphold Nandini. Vanraj goes to his room and sprinkles water all over. Rakhi grin and talk with Kavya. She asks Kavya she may be glad as everything is falling in support of herself. Kavya requests that Rakhi quit wasting time. Rakhi says she is feeling awful for Kinjal as she has bear three mother by marriage at the house. Kavya requests that Rakhi stop.