Vanraj asks Anupama for what reason didn’t she deny property papers before Bapuji. Anu says Bapuji gave his approval enclosed by these papers, she kept gifts and is giving him papers. He inquires as to why. He says her name is in Baa, Bapuji, and her youngsters’ hearts and not required on papers, she needn’t bother with his property and she doesn’t grab anybody’s correct. He hollers that she doesn’t have a status to grab or give something. She says Diwali is following 2 days, yet she gave him half property as blessing. Vanraj irately consumes her name on paper indignantly and figures he will consume her pride. Bapuji faculties Baa’s quandary and requests that her talk. She says she didn’t care for him moving property. He says whatever they have has a place with youngsters and he gave it when he is alive.

She says and still, after all that. He says she is furious as he gave half property to bahu. She says each mother will protest as child is their blood and girl in-law/DIL is an untouchable. He says she is likewise a DIL and her name shouldn’t be on any record at that point; he proceeds with that connections are of 2 kinds, blood and heart. Baa says blood relationship never break. Bapuji says blood relationship may forsake them, yet heart one will consistently uphold them.

Anu hears Sajna Hai Mujhe Sajna Ke Liye… tune… on FM and thinks back preparing for Vanraj. She changes channel and hearing Bijli Girane Main Hoon, prepares and says one ought to prepare for self moreover. She leaves room. Vanraj asks where is she going preparing. She says she prepared for herself and is going no place, yet he goes outside consistently; he should address his kurta on the off chance that he is going to somebody. He rectifies his coat and thinks kurta and her words are harming him, garments were fine until she was fine, she probably asked Jhilmil to add more starch in his garments. He strolls into Kavya’s home and envisions Anu in Kavya. Kavya welcomes him cheerful diwali and giving him blessing kisses and embraces him and says in any event for a couple of moments he went to her during diwali unexpectedly. She says she made all the design, how is it. He says decent. She says she figured he would be upbeat. He says he is glad, yet can’t bounce like youngsters. She serves him food saying she set them up all and realizes he enjoys home prepared food, so he should taste and survey.

He envisions Anupama again and inquires as to for what reason is she acting like Anupama. She says she is attempting to be his significant other as they wedding. She says she has dressed like Anupama and duplicated her. She indignantly eliminates her adornments and yells that he is fixated on Anupama; individuals envision sweetheart in spouse, however he envisions wife in his better half.

Anu draws rangoli. Nandini strolls and giving her diwali blessing sincerely says her mom used to draw rangoli like Anu, yet she can’t. Anu cautions her not to state that as even she used to think same, however when she attempted she could. She instructs her. Samar strolls to Nandini and feels sentimental.

Vanraj clarifies Kavya about Bapuji moving half property in Anu’s name and says he was irate for that. Kavya proposes to give Bapuji’s home to Anu in the wake of separating from her as her family isn’t wealthy and to move to Kavya’s home subsequent to wedding her. He figures he won’t allow Anu to win and shouts that he comes here for harmony, however she doesn’t have anything to talk other than marriage and separation; in the event that he needs to hear same thing, its better he quit coming here. She requests that he go any place he needs to, he is the person who bring Anupama in the middle of consistently; Anirudh was correct that hitched man’s psyche and heart is constantly loaded up with his better half. He yells. She cautions him not to yell at her as she isn’t Anupama and to take off from her home. He leaves. She indignantly annihilates embellishment and cries uproariously. Vanraj gets into lift. Rakhi strolls in and insults that she thought sanskari individuals remain at home during celebration for pooja. He says pooja wasn’t finished at this point. She says he more likely than not idea to meet darlings as Kavya is additionally his darling; she is here as her instructing focus’ business head remains in this structure. Vanraj thinks back Anirudh telling about it once. Rakhi thinks she discovered truth and before long proof, at that point she will show him what she can do. Vanraj figures he will show her what he can do as he is a prepared player. Rakhi says Kinjal is strained now a days figuring Toshu may follow his dad’s way and may deceive her. He yells. She says when older folks view themselves as youthful and take part in an extramarital entanglements, what model they set on adolescents. She cautions him that if her family’s standing is in question, she will end Toshu and Kinjal’s collusion.