Anupama 15 September 2020 Written Update

In the Anupama number, you will be shown that when the person of Anupama’s house sees Vanraj’s house, she says that I had to see my dream. When Anupama’s mother brings a plate of worship, Vanraj stops her and says that our blessing is enough. Everyone is very happy.

Vanraj says in praise of Anupama that if she had tried, all this would have been possible. Anupama’s mother hears her praise and weeps in joy. Anupama’s mother tells her that Vanraj has not changed like he was before. Anupama says that she loves me as well as I love her.

Vanraj apologizes to Kavya for Anupama’s good behavior and says that you know why I am doing all this. Anupama and Anupama’s mother start talking about marriage and some things about jewelry.

Anupama sends jewelry to Johari’s address so that Kinjal and Paritosh can use it for marriage. Rakhi starts thinking how she got so much money. Anupama feels that it will bring happiness to the children.

Vanraj calls Kavya and she forcefully narrates the talk of the staff. Kavya starts to think that earlier he used to cheat his wife in the name of work but now I am cheating on my wife’s name. History of Anupama that I am going to get Ing’s ring. Leela yells at Anupama to go alone. Vanraj favors Deewana and Leela is shocked.

Leela tells Jayesh that nowadays Vanraj is favoring Anupama Anupama man will cause some trouble as usual. Vanraj wonders why Anupama is taking so long in the market. Samar recognizes Nandni and she comes there and says that she has met Anupama in the market and told her about the dance practice. The week ends like this.

Anupama 16 September 2020 written update

You see that Rakhi Shah tells the family that Anupama has bought a diamond ring as per her wish. Vanraj scolds Anupama for going against him. Anupama and Leela sell their mother’s jewelery and ask her to bring the jewels given by her.

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