In today’s episode Anupama you will be shown that when Parritosh comes to know everything, he goes to Kavya and Kavya also tells him the truth and the pet gets very angry when you see that you When Anupama and Manraj’s marriage function is going on at home, you see that Manraj’s brother-in-law tells him that for your information, let me tell you that Paritosh has come to know everything.

You are closed from now that I will handle it, then he says that it would be good for you to handle it, then you see that when today Kavya has called earlier that she knows everything If he has gone, he comes daily and tells him that he is very shocked and very nervous that if he has told the people of the house then there is a lot of anger.

Let’s say this is the next day, the introduction tries to convince him and when the feeling is being asked that Papa has been taken and your affair is going on, he is further annoyed and says that this is a lie I really tell you When I was married to Anupama and I was our arranged marriage and my Babuji had this relationship, due to which I could not question any of these, yes I had an affair with my work or marriage before my parents. I was not allowed to ask such questions, so I also did not ask and started living my life while maintaining my family, but now to live life my level said that something needs to happen, then again Kavya came into my life and I have a lot of Good friendship was established.

It went on for a while, but I broke up thinking that my family and my wife had nothing to do with me and I could not do it with Anupama so I broke up with work, then the passage passed. That you did it even after marriage, it is not a mistake, it is a crime that you have done, then from there onwards, I say that I am not marrying him, only then you see that the angry reward is understood by Jai.

Be my elder son and try to understand me, I can do anything for my family, so I did a breakup from where I was and force me to get married for marriage, so I said yes.

Now you see that there Anupama brings tea to Vanraj and she falls as soon as she comes there Manraj and Priyanka feels that Anupama has come to know everything till the reward is forgiven Manraj When they see Anupama falling, he picks her up and takes them down. After a while, you see that Kavya’s call comes to Vanraj and they ask him if everything is handled, then he tells Raj that yes everything Handle is done, but keep in mind that there is such a thing, first of all you tell me what it says.

Tomorrow is the wedding and you reach before 8:00 in the wedding. Today’s mother is also talking that rituals will start at 8:00 pm so Manraj you don’t have to go anywhere outside the house and Manraj starts thinking that Now what do I do, you see that by then Anupama comes to Raj and she gives him tea, then Manraj says that bring tea in the room and when Anupama goes to the room, Van tells Rajan Kumar That I love you very much and today I want to do what could not have happened between us at the time of first marriage, then we see that the couple starts to dance and he tells Anupama in the same words that tomorrow our wedding And sorry I have to go to office tomorrow.

So they say this, they also say that it is very important to go to the office tomorrow and the boss has called and he says that I am going to explain to you that you are smart enough to understand very quickly but if you do not understand outside, then you will turn around. Gives that you mean that if I lie from outside, then I say that you do not lie, you do not tell anything there and on the persuasion of Manraj, Anupama understands caste, thus today’s episode ends here.