Samar goes to Nandini’s home to call her and enters in while she is preparing. The two of them feel bashful and pivot. He passes her coat and she goes to wear it. Samar picks her fallen journal and stands stunned seeing his name in it. She returns preparing. He embraces her genuinely and wishes her upbeat makar sankranti. The two of them head towards kite flying scene. Kavya in next room gets ready kite and figures V and his family will see her without a doubt.

At kite flying setting, Anu readies her kite thinking back her cherished recollections. Toshu acclaims that she is a specialist. Anu says there is nothing similar to that. Mamaji jokes and says she knows to fly kite. Anu sees Vanraj battling to hold kite string and signals Samar to help him. Samar helps Vanraj. Family at that point begins moving on Dheel De Dheel De Re Bhaiya… melody. They all dance cheerfully. Kavya enters and stands envious seeing family ejoyment. After dance, Samar requests that mom secure his kite as he is cutting it. Toshu says he ought to ensure his first. Baa cuts kites.

Bapuji says she will cut everybody’s kites. Baa says she will cut neighbor’s kite first as she castigates about her frequently. Sanjay and Dolly talk and appreciate kite flying. Bapuji cuts Toshu and Samar’s kites, and the two of them feel baffled. Baa requests that Samar move 11111 rs in her financial balance. Anu requests that they attempt again and not commit last time’s error, they will prevail without a doubt.