Anupama 15 February 2021 Written Update


The present scene begins with Vanraj see Anupama’s news in the paper and overlap it. He reviews his second with Anupama. Vanraj’s hand get injured. Pakhi ask Vanraj what occurred. Vanraj says he is simply making tea. Kavya come and requests that Vanraj make espresso for her and Pakhi as well. Pakhi says to Kavya that Vanraj never did all these as Anupama never let him do. She asks Kavya for what valid reason she don’t work in the kitchen. Kavya says she isn’t Anupama and accepts everybody ought to act naturally adequate. Vanraj uphold Pakhi and says Leela and Anupama never let him work. Kavya says Anupama has ruined everybody. Pakhi says Anupama hasn’t ruined them however has given great educating. Vanraj uphold Pakhi and says Anupama has given Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi a decent instructing. Pakhi and Kavya contend when Pakhi says she don’t care for food arranged by cook. Vanraj uphold Pakhi. Kavya denounce Pakhi for squandering Vanraj’s cash. Pakhi gets out of hand with Kavya. Here, Leela encourages Anupama to prepare for the honor capacities. There, Kavya gets angry with Pakhi and lift hand on last mentioned. Vanraj stops Kavya. He says he can’t bear anybody offering torment to his youngsters. Vanraj likewise ask Pakhi not to get into mischief with elderly folks as Anupama didn’t gave her off-base exercises. He likewise inquire as to whether she objects to them remaining at her home than he will leave.

Subsequently, Anupama gets the honor and searches for Pakhi. Pakhi stows away and cry. Anupama see her and asks Pakhi for what valid reason she is disturbed. Pakhi reviews her minutes with Anupama and Kavya as well. Anupama says to Pakhi she can return home at whatever point she needs. Pakhi leaves the spot. Vanraj digs out from a deficit and praise Anupama. Anupama asks Vanraj for what good reason Pakhi is vexed. Here, Kavya plans for Vanraj’s birthday. She chooses to remove Vanraj from the city.


Ahead, Anupama and Vanraj gets a message to meet guide. Both chooses to go. At home, Leela makes sweet for Anupama. Bailu tells a wisecrack on Leela. Anupama show prize to Leela. Leela keeps the prize save in the closet. Anupama gets sorrowful. Leela requests that Anupama make tea for her. Leela says to Bailu she actually don’t uphold Anupama’s choice of offering separation to Vanraj.


Opposite side, Pakhi imparts a discussion to Vanraj. She inquires as to whether he is content with Kavya. Vanraj says yes. Pakhi at that point discusses Vanraj’s birthday and request that he celebrate with Shah’s. Kavya hinders and advise to Vanraj she has arranged an excursion for his birthday.


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