In the Anupama episode, you will be shown that Vanraj congratulates Paritosh. Who does Paritosh ask if he didn’t hug her? Hugs Vanraj In this way you will see that Leela starts offering to Paritosh and he leaves from there. Leela discusses the decoration and all the process with Manraj.

This side will see that Anupama fetches tea for them and is about to leave, but who is Vanraj stops, saying that Jillamil will cook and he asks her to join the discussion. In the same way Leela sees the ring that Vanraj had heard, Anupama starts wondering who told her about Rakhi liking Kinjal for her engagement ring. He says that Rakhi had informed about Janka on the very first day. Similarly Manraj and Leela also agree to choose that idol. Anupama says that he is shocked to hear that the diamond ring is 500000.

Similarly, Kinjal’s father starts asking what Rakhi Shah is doing with the family. She says that she is ready for middle class engagement and I am expecting more from her now. He says that the Shah family does not know him well but he does so. Says that he is creating conditions to break this bandh, which was also the last time.

In the same way, she asks to trust him and starts thinking that she is not doing anything, just tells Anupama to do her work. You will see that Leela runs on hearing the price of the ring. Jayesh pacifies him and starts saying that Jai is his wish, so it is necessary for him to agree on it.

Mama says that they also heard them at their place of engagement and girls of these generations like diamonds more than gold, so they should fulfill Kinjal’s wish. Vanraj says that it is not about money because she has earned money for the happiness of the children, not for Rakhi’s hunk, she rejects his idea. In the same way you will see that Anupama tells Leela to inform about Rakhi, Paritosh hears it all and goes quietly from there Anupama sees them going.

You will see that Anupama tries a lot to make her happy but he is asking her to leave him alone. She says do not want to disturb them. He says that Kinjal is sacrificing many things for him, but he cannot even give him his sun-colored ring, that is very wrong.

He says that he will do it for Samar and for Pakhi he will do more Samar but for him there is no one who knows that she is left with only one responsibilities. The family has an elder son in any fight. Even though an engagement ring was very important for her, she could not do anything. She also said that she did not want to put any kind of pressure on them saying that they should buy that ring for Kinjal only because I Knows it’s wrong

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There, on the other hand, Doli is sharing her hand in preparations for the engagement and there she asks him about the new earrings but Doli says that she has changed her earrings with her old partner, Anupama gets an idea after listening to them. Summer has left Pakhi’s Nayan. Then Alabama says that she will go to her house to invite her family. Leela does not want to let her go empty handed and tells her that you should come back soon.

Then Manraj says that he will come with him saying that it has been many years since he has gone home, and Anupama is very happy to hear all this and asks, and also asks about Kavya. They say that Kavya is playing the hold of the office meeting. Kavya listens to her and thinks that she will not be able to handle alone and she needs her 7 companions, which she will somehow take Anupama happily ready. She goes and Summer leaves her, which is where the episode ends.

Anupama 15 September 2020 Written Update

In tomorrow’s episode, you will be shown how much Anupama Mere has a ring and Rakhi has made a new plan to use it against herself, we will see all this in tomorrow’s episode.